Flashlight Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight can charge other gadgets

By: Bohdan Chub | 17.11.2017, 10:51
Flashlight Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight can charge other gadgets

In the Chinese store Xiaomi appeared flashlight MiJia Portable Flashlight with a nice design and built-in battery with the function of recharging devices.


Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight in a compact aluminum alloy case allows you to adjust the brightness by turning the top, there are 11 levels in total. The gadget is equipped with LED Lumileds, the maximum luminous flux is 240 lumens. The battery for 3350 mAh (manufactured by Panasonic or LG) provides up to 216 minutes of operation. The "smart" SY6918 chip monitors the heat and, if the temperature rises, can automatically dim the brightness.

On the bottom of the case there is an SOS mode button and two connectors: MicroUSB for charging and full-sized USB to power up other user gadgets. The maximum output power is only 5 watts (5V / 1A), and therefore rely on fast charging sat down smartphone is not necessary. There is a low current mode, it is useful when connecting wireless headsets, fitness trackers and USB fans. The weight of the novelty is 103 grams.

Question price

In the home market Xiaomi MiJia Portable Flashlight will cost about $ 12. Similar models on AliExpress cost from $ 7-8, but it is not known what kind of battery is used inside.

On sale, the flashlight can be found under a slightly different name - Xiaomi Mi Portable Flashlight.

Source: Xiaomi