On Apple filed a group claim because of problems with the keyboard in the Macbook

By: Elena Shcherban | 13.05.2018, 15:02
On Apple filed a group claim because of problems with the keyboard in the Macbook

AT   The Federal District Court of the Northern District of California   dissatisfied owners of Apple products. People are disappointed in   new Macbook and   need to reimburse them   losses.

AT   than the problem

AT   the Macbook Pro keyboard and   12-inch Macbook that came out in   2016 and   later. It was then that Apple began using the keyboard with   mechanism of the " butterfly " type of the second generation. It allows you to make the device more subtle (since the space between the keys decreases and   body), and   at   Apple positioned it   as a reliable and   comfortable.


But   on   everything turned out differently: because of the dust, crumbs and   other garbage keys begin to stick, after a while the entire keyboard comes out of   building. For several years, Macbook owners have been   service centers, but   or repair helps on   time, or repairmen refuse to recognize such problems with   keypad warranty case.

For example, one of the   plaintiffs told that after repair the keyboard of his laptop broke again, but   gadget is no longer   was on   guarantees. Therefore, the owner had to pay 700   dollars for   repeated repair. Another plaintiff does not   could be left without a laptop on   a week (that's what it took to repair), so I had to buy an external keyboard.

What they want

People are sure that Apple was in the   the course of   unreliability of the keyboard, but   all the same let in   manufacture of such laptops. Therefore, plaintiffs demand damages and   costs, including replacement of defective parts and   devices, and   also the cost of the notebooks themselves.

TO   In a word, the authors of the petition are more radical, in   which describes such a   same problem. They require you to recall all MacBook Pro   2016 year. Behind   week this petition collected more than 17 thousand signatures.

Source: 9to5mac