Ubisoft showed a new operative Rainbow Six Siege with a cool gadget

By: Igor Nikitin | 15.05.2018, 09:17
Ubisoft showed a new operative Rainbow Six Siege with a cool gadget

Ubisoft is preparing the Ubisoft will add new operatives, maps and the system "Choice \ Ban" to the Rainbow Six Siege for the second season of the third year of life of the Rainbow Six Siege. The update promises to add new maps, modes and operatives. In March, players dug up the names of two fighters in the PC version of the game: Alibi and Maestro. Now Ubisoft confirmed the presence of operatives, telling more about the girl Alibi.

What is known

The character of Alibi is inspired by experts in secret implementation in the Italian division of Raggruppamento Operativo Speciale. The girl is described as a cunning fighter with "gifts for organized crime networks."

"She infiltrated the family of criminals Vinciguerra and spent several years among them before destroying them from the inside," the operative says.

Special Abilities

Ubisoft has already revealed to the players that the new operatives in Operation Para Bellum belong to the protection class. "These Defenders know how to find clever ways to tie the hands of Attackers." Alibi is armed with shooting skills and gadgets that turn the fight into a battle of wits. A girl can create holograms of herself as a favorite, which confuse opponents, giving Alibi a tactical advantage.

When to expect

Ubisoft keeps secret the release date of the update Operation Para Bellum, but on May 19-20 there will be a stream on which we will learn all the details.

Source: Ubisoft