Facebook banned more than 200 applications that collected user data

By: Elena Shcherban | 15.05.2018, 17:56
Facebook banned more than 200 applications that collected user data

After the scandal with   Cambridge Analytica Facebook suspended about 200 applications that had access to   personal user data. Now Facebook will investigate and   find out with   what purpose they collected this information.

Uneasy psychological test

One of   such applications   - on   the first look is a common psychological test of myPersonality, created by scientists at Cambridge University. This testing was more than 6   million users, and   half of   they agreed to share their data. A   this is information about   age, field, location, status update, user responses to   test questions and   other data. The program also collected information on the   statuses 22   million Facebook users and   demographic data 4   million.

AND   all   would be nothing, but   all these data the authors of the application stored on   website, login and   password to   to which   For four years it was easy to find   Github. To view the data, only the registration in   as co-authors of the project. They were about 280 people from   150 companies in   including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and   Yahoo.

What's next

myPersonality has already been removed from   Facebook, and   such a   the same fate awaits   Other applications whose authors   abuse of user data.

" There is still a lot of work to do to find all the applications that could misuse these people in   Facebook   - and   this will continue for a while. Have   We are large teams of experts who work hard both inside the company and   behind   her   Outside on the analysis of these applications "   - the vice-president of the company on   relations with   partners Aim Archibong.

Source: Facebook , New Scientist