Apple accused of crashing the plane EgyptAir

By: Elena Shcherban | 15.05.2018, 19:31
Apple accused of crashing the plane EgyptAir

On   Apple again filed for   court. On   This time the claim was filed by the relatives of the dead passengers of the Airbus A320-232 plane of the EgyptAir airline. 19   May 2016, the airliner who flew MS804 on   route Paris   - Cairo, collapsed in   Mediterranean Sea. Killed all 66 people who were on   board.

And here Apple

CCTV cameras recorded as before the flight one of the   pilots put on   dashboard iPad mini, iPhone 6S and   several perfume aerosols.

Relatives of the victims of the disaster suspect that gadgets could overheat, and   aerosols   - explode. Of course, these are only assumptions, but   first automatic signals about   it was with   the place, and   fragments confirmed that the fire began in   front of the aircraft.

What they say in   Apple

" We   not   associated with   GTA or   any body investigating this tragic event. we   not   I saw reports, but   we   understand that there is no evidence to link this event with   Apple products. If   investigators have questions to   we, of course, will be assisted in   Anyways. we   strictly inspect our products to meet international safety standards "   - stated in   company.

Of course, while these charges seem fiction, but   family lawyers claim that   they have enough evidence of guilt by Apple. Which ones   - lawyers do not   inform.

Source: 9to5mac