Meizu and the division of Blue Charm once again became one

By: Bohdan Chub | 16.05.2018, 11:25
Meizu and the division of Blue Charm once again became one

Meizu announced reshuffles in the top management. They change the organizational structure and actually mean the merger of Blue Charm with the main company.

Jack Vaughn comes out of the shadows

Last year, Blue Charm and the development team of the Flyme shell became separate business units within Meizu. Then the post of CEO was taken by Bai Yongxiang, and Li Nan answered for the devices of the budget line. During the reorganization, it was expected to reduce to 30% of employees, but the staff decreased by only 10%.

A year later, the management of Meizu again changed. The company will be headed by its founder, Huang Xiuzhan, better known under the pseudonym Jack Wong. Recently, he rarely appeared in public, but now he returned to active work. The rumors about Baia Yongxiang's retirement were confirmed.

The financial director of Meizu is Yang Zhe. Li Nan will lead the sales department, and Meizu E3 was the last smartphone created with his direct participation.

Actually, Jack Vaughn at the end of last year led the development of devices in all units of Meizu. It's just that the current CEO's position corresponds to the real influence in the company.

At the end of the month, Meizu can hold a presentation of the Meizu M8 budget employees.