Xiaomi produced 10,000 SU7 electric cars in just 32 days

By: Nastya Bobkova | 30.04.2024, 23:35
Xiaomi produced 10,000 SU7 electric cars in just 32 days

Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is surprising the world with its rapid pace in the automotive industry. The company's first attempt in the field of electric vehicles, the SU7 model, not only attracts attention but also makes historic achievements. Just 32 days after the launch of production, Xiaomi was pleased to announce the production of the 10,000th SU7. This success is a testament to the company's excellent preparation and understanding of the market.

Here's What We Know

The rapid production rate is great news, as the growing demand for the SU7 could have led to serious problems. Xiaomi's goal of 100,000 SU7 shipments by 2024 is already getting closer to reality.

More than 75,000 orders have already been collected locally, underlining the model's popularity. The SU7 is offered in three configurations - Standard, Pro and Max - with competitive prices ranging from €28,000 to €38,700 for the Max version.

Initial sales were with the limited Founders Edition SU7, which sold out quickly. The company plans to ship more than 10,000 SU7s every month by June this year.

Xiaomi is leveraging its huge customer base of smartphone users to fulfil their automotive ambitions by offering integrated solutions that meet modern needs.

There are rumours of seven new models, including SUVs, being prepared to compete with the Tesla Model Y. Although Xiaomi has not confirmed plans for the EREV market.

Source: GSMArena