Laparoscopic surgery goes to the next level with Apple Vision Pro

By: Nastya Bobkova | 10.05.2024, 03:20
Laparoscopic surgery goes to the next level with Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, known for its cutting-edge medical technology, is becoming increasingly popular among doctors who perform surgeries with a high level of complexity and detail.

Here's What We Know

Since the launch of Apple Vision Pro, this innovative technology has proved indispensable to surgeons in many parts of the world. The latest example of use is in India, where medical professionals have successfully performed more than 30 surgeries using the device.

Doctors at the GEM Hospital in Chennai use Apple Vision Pro to perform laparoscopic surgeries, also known as keyhole surgeries. This technology helps treat a variety of conditions, including gallbladder problems, stomach cancer, fistulas and hernias.

GEM Hospitals' Chief Operating Officer and gastroenterologist-surgeon R. Parthasarathy expressed his positive impression of using the Apple Vision Pro. He emphasised that this technology allows for clear vision without unnecessary delays, which is critical during surgery.

One of the main advantages of Apple Vision Pro is that it gives surgeons the ability to view not only the data of the surgical instrument on the monitor, but also a CT scan, which is extremely useful during surgery.

Apple Vision Pro has previously been used in surgery in Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom, where one surgeon even ditched his HoloLens 2 in favour of this advanced technology.

Source: AppleInsider