YouTube Music now lets you find a song just by humming it

By: Vlad Cherevko | 25.05.2024, 12:37
YouTube Music now lets you find a song just by humming it

YouTube Music has finally introduced a feature that many users have been waiting for a long time: the ability to search for songs by humming or playing them. This addition was spotted in the latest version of the app 7.02 for Android.

Here's What We Know

The new feature allows users to identify songs by humming or playing a tune. It was first tested as an experiment on YouTube and is now rolling out to YouTube Music users on Android. To access the "search by tune" feature, users can tap on the search icon in the top right corner of the YouTube Music app. Next to the existing microphone icon for voice search, there is now a new wave-shaped icon. Tapping this icon opens a search page that invites users to "play, sing or hum a song."

Google's artificial intelligence compares your vocal styles to YouTube Music's huge library of songs and usually finds a match, showing a full-screen search result. Users can choose to play the song or save it to their library to listen to later.

Users are already reporting that the feature works effectively for songs in different languages. While the rollout is still ongoing and is currently available for Android users with app version 7.02, iOS device owners will also soon be able to join the "singing party."

Source: 9to5Google