Portable diagnostic device "Snapshot NIR" to replace ultrasound and X-ray

By: Nastya Bobkova | 31.05.2024, 23:01
Portable diagnostic device "Snapshot NIR" to replace ultrasound and X-ray

Calgary-based Kent Imaging has introduced a new portable device called the Snapshot NIR, designed for image processing.

Here's What We Know

Instead of using traditional methods such as X-rays or ultrasound, Snapshot NIR uses light wavelengths to assess the oxygen level in patients' blood. This technology is already changing the practice of surgery and chronic wound care, allowing doctors to obtain fast and accurate results in real time.

Kent Imaging CEO Pierre Lemire said that people often do not understand how the wound healing process works, but these devices help to reveal its mechanisms and improve treatment outcomes.

Kent Imaging's new technology has already received a positive response in the medical industry, and its impact on patient health is becoming increasingly evident. With the introduction of Snapshot NIR, amputations are reduced and the wound healing process becomes more efficient.

The device will soon be available on the European market.

Portable diagnostic device "Snapshot NIR" will reduce amputations

Source: Global News