Cleaning Video Projectors: How to Clean Case, Lens and Filter

By: Anry Sergeev | 21.12.2021, 17:22
Cleaning Video Projectors: How to Clean Case, Lens and Filter

If a loud humming noise disturbs your presentation and the image on the screen no longer looks sharp, it's time to clean the projector thoroughly. As with any technical device, you should be careful when cleaning it. We will tell you how to gently remove dirt from the housing, lens and filter so that the projector is quickly ready for use again. 

Important: Before you start cleaning your video projector, be sure to unplug it from the wall socket to avoid electric shock. Also, follow the manual of your projector when cleaning it. 

Cleaning Video Projector Case

Video projectors are practical, but they are also real dust collectors, especially if placed under the ceiling or on the wall. For this reason, cleaning the case should be part of your regular cleaning routine, as dust looks messy and can cause a spotty picture on the video projector screen, or lamp overheating.

Steps for Cleaning a Video Projector Case: 

  • Periodically wipe the projector with a damp cloth or tissue. 
  • Make sure that no water enters the inside of the projector. If you wipe the projector too wet, you should let it dry very thoroughly before using it again. 
  • Alternatively, you can carefully vacuum the case with a vacuum cleaner. However, you should be very careful with this method so as not to scratch the case. 

Tip: The projector is hanging from the ceiling and you can't reach it with a normal vacuum cleaner? A battery-operated hand vacuum cleaner gives you the necessary freedom of movement. 

Clear View: How to Make a Lens Crystal Clear Back Again 

The lens is one of the most sensitive components of the video projector. It ensures that presentations and films are displayed perfectly on the big screen. To keep it that way, you should clean it regularly. But be careful not to scratch it. 

Steps for Lens Cleaning 

1. Remove Coarse Dirt

To prevent coarse dust particles from causing scratches when wiping the lens later, clean the lens with a clean, soft brush first. Alternatively, you can use a small air bellow (sylphon in other words) to remove the dust without contact. 

2. Wipe

Remove stubborn debris and any remaining dust with a little warm water and a soft cloth. Do not apply a cloth too hard or use abrasive cleaning agents - both can damage the lens. 

3. Polish

To make the lens crystal clear again, polish it with a non-fluffy, soft cloth. A microfiber cloth, for example, is well suited for this purpose. Run the cloth over the lens in circular motions until everything is dry again. 

4. Final Touch

As a final step, check the lens for any marks or stains by looking at it against the light. If necessary, polish it again with a dry cloth. Now the laser projector lens is ready for use again. 

Helpful Tools for Cleaning Video Projector Lens

There are some tools that can help you clean your projector lens. These include the following gadgets: 

  • A lenspen is designed to gently clean lenses and filters: The pen-shaped cleaning device has a brush on one end, and a velvet pad on the opposite end. First remove the dust from the surface with the brush. Then polish with the velvet pad. 
  • Eyeglass cleaning cloths are also suitable for cleaning the projector lens. The special microfiber cloths ensure gentle, streak-free cleaning of sensitive surfaces. 

How to Clean Video Projector Filter 

The projector makes strange noises or gets hot? This could be due to a dirty filter. 

Why: To cool the lamp inside, the device intakes air from the environment - and often dust and other particles as well. If too much dust is accumulated behind the ventilation slots, the projector will no longer function properly. 

NOTE: If the projector was recently used, allow it to cool down completely before cleaning. 

There are 2 basic ways to clean the filter: taking it out or not.

Removing the Filter to Clean it Out

The safest way to clean the filter is to remove it and, depending on the degree of contamination, either briefly blow it through or thoroughly rinse the filter parts. 

  1. Remove the vent-shaped filter caps. Behind them, you will see the mesh-like filters. 
  2. Carefully remove the filters and vacuum them on the lowest setting or rinse them under running water. 
  3. Important: Let the filters and covers get dry if you have chosen the wash option. 
  4. Put the filters back into the projector. 

Cleaning the Filter with Compressed Air or Vacuum Cleaner (The Filter is Inside the Projector)

The filter can't be removed or you don't want to disassemble the video projector yourself? Alternatively, you can clean the filter by blowing compressed air into one side of the projector and sucking it back in on the other side of the vent. Compressed air spray - for example, from an electronics store or DIY store - and a vacuum cleaner operated at the lowest setting are great helpers here. 

Before you start, consider the following: If you use compressed air spray to clear the dirt from the filter, you may not be able to vacuum up all the dissolved dust particles at the other end of the vent. Instead, these particles are trapped inside the projector, where they can cause a spotty image, for example. In addition, it can happen that the speedy rotation damages the vent. Therefore, you should only clean the projector in this way if you have no other option. 

Tip: Filters can be ordered separately for many models. A dark gray filter means that it is so dirty that you should replace it if possible. 

How to Extend a Video Projector Lamp's Service Life 

The lamp inside the projector is largely responsible for a perfect picture. If it is subjected to heavy use, its performance is reduced by up to 50 percent over time. You don't have to clean the lamp, but you can extend its life with these 4 maintenance tips

  • Turn on the projector's ECO mode, if available. Increase brightness only when you really need it. 
  • Don't unplug the power cord immediately when you turn off the video projector. The system often cools down the lamp a bit. You should not interrupt this process. 
  • Place the projector so that the ventilation slots are not covered. Proper ventilation is particularly important for the lifespan of the projector lamp, as it can otherwise overheat. 
  • Do not turn the projector on and off too often. Starting the device frequently puts unnecessary load on the lamp. 

Cleaning a Video Projector: Final Thoughts 

In order to enjoy your video projector for as long as possible, you should carry out a few cleaning steps on a regular basis: It is best to wipe the housing with a damp cloth so as not to stir up dust. Use a brush and soft fabric to clear the lens. Important: The cleaning cloth should be non-fluffy so that it does not cause any additional dust. You should remove the projector filter and blow it through or, if possible, rinse it. If the filter is heavily used, it is recommended to replace the filter as a whole.