Best RC Planes for Beginners (RTF) Review

By: Jeb Brooks | 09.08.2023, 22:37
Best RC Planes for Beginners (RTF) Review

Why an RC Trainer is a Perfect Plane to Begin?

Some of us want to become a pilot or test pilot when we are kids, but very few of us pursue this dream and people can make it come true. And yet, with a minimal investment and some practice we can maneuver our own plane through the winds.

If you want to have fun for as long as possible, the battery should charge quickly (good: 20-30 min) and last long (good: 15-25 min). This way you can fly the whole day with short interruptions. You can find out which are the Best RC Planes for beginners with our comparison below.

HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2 RC Airplane HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2 RC Airplane
Lightweight and durable, HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2 RC Airplane is designed Ready To Fly, with the SAFE stabilisation technology & Panic Recovery for training new pilots. Nice convenient size makes it easy to take anywhere you go. And it’s the best choice for any level RC enthusiast. Highly recommended!
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5 Best RC Planes for Beginners (RTF) – Overview & Rating

Author's Choice
HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2 RC Airplane
HobbyZone Sport Cub S 2 RC Airplane
  • RTF, 6-Channel RC, Flying time: up to 10 min
  • Material: EPP foam, durable & lightweight
  • SAFE™ stabilisation technology & PANIC RECOVERY - Switch to Beginner Mode
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People's Choice
Top Race RC Plane TR-C285G
Top Race RC Plane TR-C285G
  • RTF, 3-Channel RC, Flying time: 12 min, 320 foot range
  • Material: EPP Shock resistant
  • Beginner Mode with Self Stabilization of Gyro System
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Premium Choice
E-flite RC Airplane Apprentice STS
E-flite RC Airplane Apprentice STS
  • RTF, 3-Channel RC, Flying time: 20 min, 320 foot range
  • Material: EPP Shock resistant
  • SAFE Technology for automatic self-leveling and stabilization in 3 progressive modes: Beginner, Intermediate & Experienced
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Best Budget
FUNTECH RC 611 Airplane
FUNTECH RC 611 Airplane
  • RTF, 3-Channel RC, Flying time: up to 25 min, 300 foot range
  • Material: EPP foam
  • Beginner Mode with full 6-axis gyro assist to keep the plane stable
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Best Simple Aerobatics
VOLANTEXRC RC Airplane, Warplane P51 Mustang
VOLANTEXRC RC Airplane, Warplane P51 Mustang
  • RTF, 3-Channel RC, Flying time: up to 20 min, 650 foot range
  • Material: EPP foam
  • Xpilot Stabilization System. One-Key U-Turn & Aerobarics
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Buyer’s Guide

What to Look for when Buying an RC Plane?

An RC plane with a battery is ideal for beginners – inexpensive to buy and due to its light weight also suitable for older children for its better handling. If you are looking for a good model airplane, a full model airplane comparison is essential. From very different battery lifetimes to weights and price ranges, you can find out which model is suitable for your own requirements and personal skills.

The best way to learn how to assemble and fly a remote controlled aircraft is to join a model flying club. The advantage of club membership is usually also the included insurance in case of personal injury or damage to property during the flight.

The dream of many children: A remote-controlled airplane. Many adults also fulfill this wish and often play together with the children. However, there are many different models of RC planes, so the choice is not always easy.

Should a beginner really buy an entry-level model or to invest directly in a decent plane? How much does an airplane with a remote control actually cost and what are the differences?

In this buying guide we answer exactly these questions, make a comparison and give you tips on which points you need to pay attention to.

The Battery and Battery Life

It is one of the most important components for RC planes. If you want to buy an RC plane, you will mainly encounter the models with battery. The advantage of a battery-powered model plane is that it can be recharged easily, and because there is no need for fuel, there is no risk of fire. For the hobby sector, a remote-controlled aircraft with battery is also completely sufficient.

Nevertheless, take a close look at battery life. The battery life of some models is less than 5 minutes. There are also many RC planes that can fly for up to 25 minutes or even longer.

On the other hand, the battery charging time of almost all models often takes considerably longer than the flight time itself. A charging time between 30 and 60 minutes is not uncommon.

Tip: It is worth investing in a more expensive model if the flight time is longer due to the battery. Too short flight time brings no fun and makes it difficult to get involved in a great flight and to learn and enjoy your hobby better.

RC Plane with Battery. Features

  • A battery-operated plane is particularly light and can therefore be better controlled by children
  • Costs relatively little and is characterized by low power consumption during charging
  • Can be controlled by beginners and (experienced) children without any problems

RC Plane with Motor. Features

  • Needs fuel, thereby an increased fire risk. And fuel consumption also makes more harm to the environment
  • Very expensive to purchase
  • Much heavier than the battery models, but less sensitive to wind
  • More loud and therefore not suitable for use in residential areas


The majority of RC Planes are made of so called EPP (or PP), i.e Expanded Polypropylene: a flexible and versatile plastic foam. It is lightweight and durable in comparison with metal planes.

Construction Type

Regarding construction type, we recommend for the beginners definitely to choose a ‘Ready To Fly’ (RTF) one. This way you can get flying without any additional work. So you find only RTF models in our review for beginners.

Wings Position

So called High-Wing trainers are much better as the first plane. This means that wings are located over the the fuselage. The weight distribution works the way that the plane with high-wings design is more stable in comparison with low-wing planes, as the fuselage itself is heavier.


It is always a question whether to choose a simple and chip 2-channel RC Plane, or a more complicated model with 3 or 4 channels. The number of channels for the RC Plane means the number of  functions you can control. A 3-channel plane will control to motor power, elevator and rudder. In some models it is aileron  instead of rudder.

rc planes for beginners

A 4-channel plane will control all of them.  So, basically 3 channels will make it easier when learning, and a 4-channel plane will provide you with more control, maneuverability and fun. A 2-channel will give you basic skills.

RC Plane Kit

The remote control is not always included in the purchase price of the model airplane. Not every RC plane comes with a remote control. You can sometimes buy an airplane kit for a reasonable price, a suitable RC remote control must be purchased separately. Please keep this in mind when buying a model airplane. It would be annoying not to try out this great toy directly after buying it.

Minimal Age

The minimum age for operation of an RC plane should not be underestimated. Flying a model plane is more difficult than it looks, especially for beginners or in unfavorable wind conditions. For example, a remote-controlled aircraft for children from 8 years of age is not easy to find.

Switching the remote in the hand and the plane turning in the sky are often hardly possible for younger children. Therefore, many manufacturers recommend an RC Plane from 12-14 years and older.

If your kids have already had their first experiences with RC Planes and you think they are capable enough, there is nothing wrong with more sophisticated models.

Safe Areas for RC Planes

An RC plane should not take off in every place. Regardless of insurance coverage, we recommend flying remote-controlled planes only in safe areas. This means, for example, in the open field with very good visibility, where there are also no people or animals nearby who could be injured by a falling plane.

If your RC Plane t is equipped with a camera, there are even completely different rules in which areas flying and filming is allowed. It is best to check with your local authority before you have to pay penalties for ignorance.