5 Best Handyman Apps for Android & iOS

By: Anry Sergeev | 20.08.2021, 13:49
5 Best Handyman Apps for Android & iOS

Handyman apps are a great way for both pros and amateurs to get the information they need. They can be used to look for useful construction and building tips. While others help to take precise measurements. This article reveals the top 5 handyman apps for Android and iOS to make your next project easier than ever before.

1. Best Level

Best Level (Bubble & Laser) is a great app for those looking for an easy way to measure angles and slopes. It can also be used as a level, bubble test, or plumb bob. This handyman app has three different levels built in that range from 45 degrees all the way up to 315 degrees. This app works as a real rotary laser level to help you take precise measurements.

Best Level is available on Android only. The free version of this handyman application includes one level while premium offers extra four levels. The rates range from $0.99-$19.99 per download depending on what you need it for.

This tool will save anyone time when trying to find out if something is straight or not. Just use your phone's camera and the device's gyroscope sensor. The app helps to measure both elevation and rotation angle at high accuracy (within 0.01 degrees). Any inclination can be measured with the Best Level tool - the roof, shelf, or elevation.

2. Houzz

Houzz is a great handyman app that helps with home renovation. It is a free download on both Android and iOS with premium features that can be unlocked. Houzz has over 200 million photos of home design, remodeling, decorating projects, or anything else related to interior design. It provides unlimited access for $14.99 per month or the classic plan which offers limited use from $29-$35 per year.

Houzz also offers any hardware recommendations you may need during your projects. These include various tools or home appliances. For instance, you can find things like recessed lighting installation instructions to complete this job successfully.

Houzz is an amazing app for handymen looking to make their life easier. Here, you can get professional advice at every step along the way when renovating something in someone's house.

3. iFixit

iFixit is one of the best online repair manuals. It offers a database of instructions to help you fix anything from electronics, appliances, or furniture. You can also find high-quality repair parts for your projects. Some examples include home appliances, computers, cameras, and more.

This iFixit website and Android app are perfect to save money by doing repairs themselves. Instead of going straight to the store or hiring an expert. It helps people learn how to properly use their new toolkit with detailed images and guides on every step beforehand.

iFixit provides clear "Do This First" steps. Readers know what to do first before they start working on something else. The app also lets you choose between two languages - English or Spanish - which will be displayed as default.

If you're an experienced handyman, you can upload your tutorials to inspire others. That's a good chance to spread the word about your projects and discuss them with your peers.

4. AR Ruler App

The AR Ruler App is a fun app that lets you measure anything in the room with your phone. It can be downloaded for free from both Android and Apple stores.

At first, it seems like an unusual idea to use your device instead of a physical ruler to measure things. But once you get past that initial reaction, there are actually some really good reasons why this app would come in handy. Especially if you need measurements while shopping or on-the-fly at home.

The AR Ruler App has two modes: Standard Mode (which shows up as a grey line) and Measurement Mode (which displays the measurement). The standard mode allows users to measure any flat surface using their phone's camera. Just point and click whenever you need a measurement. The more advanced Measurement Mode allows users to measure any flat surface. Just click anywhere on the screen and drag your finger across it.

This app is also great for measuring anything that doesn't have straight lines, like paintings or windows in your home. With this handyman’s favorite tool at hand, there's no excuse to not get those projects done!

5. Construction Calculator - Materials Evaluation

The Construction Calculator app is a top-notch tool when making repairs at home. The app consists of a series of calculators that do the math for you. There's one to evaluate costs, time, and materials needed. This handyman favorite will help you achieve your goals efficiently without any mistakes on your part.

You can measure anything using your phone camera with the Measurement Mode. Draw lines by dragging across flat surfaces like paintings or windows in your home.

Another feature is calculating the number of bricks you'll need for your wall. You can also determine the volume of any cylinder container. No matter what measurement units you got used to. There's a converter provided to transform common measurement units.

The Construction Calculator is available for Android users. It's a wonderful app to avoid making any mistakes. This means getting projects done faster and better than ever before.

Image by Bru-nO on Pixabay

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of handyman apps out there that can help you with your home improvement needs. We've compiled the top 5 best apps for Android and iOS to make things easier for you. Whether you need an app to find contractors, measure distances, or calculate square footage, we have it covered! Read on below to learn more about these helpful tools.

Ultimately what stands out about these apps is how they make jobs more efficient with just one single download. Both rookie and pro handymen can take an advantage of such applications. These apps are must-haves for those who like having everything organized according to size and measurements.