Philips TVs of the second half of 2021: HDMI 2.1, 4-sided Ambilight and next generation burn-in protected OLED

By: technoslav | 02.09.2021, 18:59
Philips TVs of the second half of 2021: HDMI 2.1, 4-sided Ambilight and next generation burn-in protected OLED

TP Vision held a big presentation on August 31, presenting a wide update of Philips AV products. We have already written about the new TWS-headphones Philips Fidelio T1, but the new TVs deserve a separate attention if only because the older models of Philips TV sets always provided the maximum set of modern technologies seasoned with pleasant bonuses in the form of Ambilight, built-in Bowers & Wilkins soundbar and the use of design materials in the finishing - acoustic fabrics and leather for remote controls.

The most important

  • The older models use the new generation OLED panels with increased brightness and new protection against burnout.
  • The new Philips P5 5th generation processor with advanced AI capabilities.
  • New MiniLED TV series, with brighter backlighting and better controllability due to increased backlight points.
  • HDMI 2.1 support for low-latency gaming and smoother video streaming in most models.
  • 4-sided Ambilight appeared on more models (and 2-sided is no longer available, only 3-sided).

Top Philips OLED+ 986 and OLED+ 936 TVs

The older Philips OLED+ 986 model will only be available with a 65-inch diagonal. It is equipped with a soundbar Bowers & Wilkins total power of 70 watts. It features Kvadrat acoustic fabric and the remote is finished in Muirhead leather (we have a Philips 55PUS9435 TV review in which you can see it all, including the video). A floor stand will be available as an option for this TV - it can be mounted either on the wall or on the floor.

The Philips OLED+ 936 TV model features a different soundbar, with a subwoofer and a 3.1.2 speaker circuit and will be available in 48, 55 and 65 inch diagonals, suggesting it is destined for a more popular role.

What's new in Philips OLED+ TVs of the second half of 2021

  • A 5th generation P5 processor with a separate AI processor supporting a new content classification algorithm that automatically detects and highlights movie content, offering different movie viewing options.
  • New AI Machine Learning Sharpness, AI Smart Bit Enhancement 2.0, and enhanced Perfect Natural Reality algorithm features that enhance real-time 4K image quality.
  • New generation high-performance OLED panels with a 20% increase in peak brightness and proprietary anti-burn-in technology.
  • New Ambient Intelligence feature that synchronizes the ambient light sensor with AI functions to optimize image quality according to ambient light levels.
  • Support for HDR10+ Adaptive, which uses HDR10+ metadata and optimizes content for each scene based on lighting conditions.
  • New Fast Motion Clarity mode that uses an algorithm to add a 120 Hz black frame to create smooth motion with enhanced clarity.
  • Support Calman Ready for automatic color calibration to industry standards.
  • Enhanced capabilities with HDMI 2.1 - support for variable screen refresh rates for streaming video and low signal latency for online gaming.

Philips MiniLED 9636 and MiniLED 9506 TVs

The new series of Philips MiniLED TVs are represented by MiniLED 9636 and MiniLED 9506, which will come in 5 and 75 inch diagonals. These are TVs with Android TV 10 version, 4K resolution and 4-sided Ambilight. According to the manufacturer, all Philips TVs are now divided into three categories: good, better and best, meaning regular LCD TVs with LED backlighting, MiniLED TVs and OLED TVs.

The Philips MiniLED 9636 series of TVs also features an integrated Bowers & Wilkins soundbar with 70 watts of total power, using Kvadrat fabric in the finish, and the remote control is finished in Muirhead leather.

The Philips MiniLED 9506 series of TVs uses a conventional pair of legs, and its speakers are rated at 50 watts.

All of these new products should be available as early as this year, stay tuned to our website for more news.

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