Xiaomi abandons its flagship brand

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 24.08.2021, 09:45
Xiaomi abandons its flagship brand

Xiaomi is set to take a major step and drop the Mi brand, which debuted a decade ago along with the manufacturer's first smartphone.

What is known?

The information was reported by XDA Developers, citing one of the representatives of Xiaomi. The transformation began with the Xiaomi Mix 4 smartphone. All future innovations of the company from China will sooner or later follow its example.

What is interesting, the manufacturer decided to keep the prefix Mi in the tablets Mi Pad 5 and Mi Pad 5 Pro, which were presented along with the flagship smartphone. In the future, Mi will disappear from the names of all Xiaomi products, including TVs, scooters, smartwatches, sports bracelets and more.

Perhaps the next-generation flagship smartphone will simply be called Xiaomi 12. The reason for abandoning the legendary brand, which has existed for ten years, still remains unknown.

Recall, according to one version Mi stands for Mission Impossible. It is possible that the management of Xiaomi considered the mission accomplished after the company took the first line in the list of the largest smartphone manufacturers, beating Samsung.

Source: XDA Developers