Xiaomi promises 120W fast charging won't harm Xiaomi 11T Pro's battery

By: Elena Shcherban | 11.09.2021, 14:38
Xiaomi promises 120W fast charging won't harm Xiaomi 11T Pro's battery

On September 15, Xiaomi will hold a presentation at global market, which will introduce smartphones Xiaomi 11T and Xiaomi 11T Pro. It is already known that the older model will support 120W fast charging. Every time hearing such figures, users have questions about the safety of fast charging.

Is it safe?

So far, the manufacturer does not say how long the HyperCharge technology will take to fully charge the Xiaomi 11T Pro. The flagship Mi 11, which has a 55-watt charger, charges the battery in 45 minutes, while last year's Mi 10 Ultra, which also got 120-watt charging, but only in China, takes only 23 minutes to fully restore power.

Daniel Desjarlais, head of international communications and global spokesperson for Xiaomi, assures that the charger is safe for the battery. Primarily  because of the fact that the battery is two parts.

"It's like having two different gas inlets in your car and two separate tanks. Now instead of filling one side at a certain slow rate, you can fill two simultaneously"

You can also count on battery endurance. In general, so is with smartphones with regular charging.

"This is something we really thoroughly tested. As a general rule of thumb, at the battery level with which we tested it, after 800 charge cycles you'll still have 80 percent uptime. That 20 percent may sound like "Wow, I'm losing 20 percent", but that's pretty standard for almost all charging technology. 800 cycles for most people - is about two years. So that's pretty solid"

By comparison, Apple says its lithium-ion battery will retain "up to 80 percent of its original capacity at 500 full charge cycles". And it doesn't even support that fast of a charge.

Desjarle assures that testing was extremely thorough and conducted with third-party participation, with 34 different battery protection features. "We wanted to make sure that we followed all the rules, but also that it was incredibly safe for everyone".

Source: The Verge