PC for the Professional Photographer and Videographer - Recommended by ASUS

By: iryna-rudenko | 27.09.2021, 09:06
PC for the Professional Photographer and Videographer - Recommended by ASUS

People in the creative professions, working with visual content, require a workplace equipped with special requests. In today's article we look at what should be a PC and monitor for a professional photographer and videographer.

The first and the most pressing question when building a PC today is the video card. The work with visual content requires high power to build the image, so you should choose the top solutions of the latest series. At the moment, the most successful solution for professionals is the ASUS TUF NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, which will allow you to process content in 4K without any problems or delays.


A powerful motherboard in a professional PC is needed first and foremost to take full advantage of the current multi-threaded Ryzen R9 5900X or R7 5800X level processors, giving them reliable and stable power supply and proper support for other technical options. The new ProArt X570 motherboard aims to give visual content professionals unlimited technical space for creativity and specific needs, such as high-speed data transfers and prioritizing workloads through an easy-to-use control panel.


To properly power a combination of a high-performance graphics card and a multi-core processor, a proper power supply must be available. The minimum choice for our suggested build would be the ROG Strix 850G, you can even install a ROG Strix 1000G unit if you wish.


Work/Professional builds typically feature optimized designs with a focus on technical features, so the ASUS TUF GT 501 is the optimal choice.


The logical complement for a powerful PC would be a proper cooling system. While for the gamers, a water-cooled chassis is often selected because of its aesthetics, for the professionals it is interesting mainly because of its other strong point - quiet operation even under heavy load. The TUF LC 240 RGB will be an excellent addition to our build.


A 32 GB DDR4 RAM set is just a minimum requirement for fast rendering or multitasking. As for amount of storage, SSD-drive from 512 GB will be useful for system installation and quick work with current data, and for storage of less urgent for usage, but nevertheless important archives 2 TB HDD will do.

The most important part of the workplace of the person, who works with visual content, of course, is the monitor, so the ProArt series model can ideally complement such a PC. While professionals working with video content are more likely to choose the PA279CV with 4K resolution, photographers can opt for the PA278CV with 2K resolution. Both monitors are internationally certified by Calman verified, with 100% coverage of the sRGB and Rec. 709, as well as minimal deviation in color reproduction.


There is another reason to build a professional PC with ASUS ProArt series components - the company's current promotion together with Adobe. By purchasing ASUS products, users receive a free subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud software. Detailed terms and list of promotional products can be found here - https://www.asus.com/ua-ua/content/asus-offers-adobe-creative-cloud/


The proposed PC assembly in this article gives a general understanding of the needs of a professional who works on the creation and processing of visual content and further can be configured according to the specific requirements of an individual specialist.