How to choose a gaming chair

By: Alex Chub | 27.09.2021, 14:40
How to choose a gaming chair

We spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. Eight hours out of 24 we spend at work. That's a third of our life. Whether we're working or playing, it's how we spend most of the day. So we should choose an armchair as thoroughly as we should choose a bed, where we also spend a third of our life. Yes, of course we can sit at the computer though on a stool, but still every person wants comfort. That is the main purpose of the recently very popular gaming chairs. Although the term "gamer" is not quite correct: you want to sit comfortably not only during the game, but also in the workplace. And now the colors of such chairs have become more. Not just colored glaring, but more restrained monochrome. Manufacturers of gaming chairs a huge amount, as well as the range. The price range is also enormous. Today the gg editorial staff tries to tell our readers how to choose the right chair and what features to pay attention to the first.

Criteria for choosing a gaming chair

Perhaps no one will be open to the fact that the average user when buying an chair looks primarily at the appearance and weight it can handle. But in fact the important characteristics are much more. Some of them are quite obvious and clear. And some are known only to experienced users who have purposefully studied this question. Yes, the visual part is important, but what if your favorite beautiful chair falls apart after a few months? Or the upholstery will start to fray and it will not be as pleasing to the eye? And it should be understood that if the chair is a "gamer" - it does not guarantee that it will be comfortable. Now to be more specific. The main criteria to pay attention to when choosing an armchair: frame and maximum load, dimensions, upholstery material, filling, design and base material, wheel diameter and coating, adjustment possibilities, ergonomics. On all these features we will tell you in detail what is what and which features are the most important.

Framework material and maximum load

The frame of every gamer's chair is made of steel pipe. But besides the quality of steel itself, the characteristics of this pipe, and the manufacturing process differs. The most budgetary models can use a tube with a diameter of 15 mm. But the vast majority is made using 17 mm diameter pipe. This is the main part of more or less durable gaming chairs on the market. They can generally withstand loads up to 150 kg. Top solutions have a frame made of steel tubes 2 mm thick and 22 mm in diameter. Such models are more durable and can withstand up to 200 kg. As far as the manufacturing process is concerned, the frame can be put together by welding together the individual parts. Or a single piece of pipe is used which is bent along its entire length to obtain the desired shape. This design lacks welding seams and is more reliable and durable.

 Anda Seat Kaiser 2 tothe TitanSteelAD+ armchair is made of a steel tube with a diameter of 22 mm and a thickness of 2 mm. During the production process the tubing is bent along the entire length of the structure so that the frame has no welding seams. The armchair can carry an impressive load of up to 200 kg.

The size of the armchair is important

It is important to find out what you want your armchair to hold. But it is just as important to choose the right size. And with this the situation is more complicated. Each chair is ideally suited for a certain height and build. From model to model may vary in height and width of the backrest, seat width and depth, distance between the armrests, their height from the floor and so on. All these dimensions directly affect how comfortable it will be for a particular person on the chair. Manufacturers usually indicate all these dimensions in the specifications of their models. But, unfortunately, it does not save. In this case, before buying, it is worth finding the model of interest in an offline store and sit on it to see whether it will be comfortable. There are no other options. Most manufacturers produce their models in a single size. So if the size does not fit - you should look for something else. But there is another approach. All Anda Seat brand chairs are available in three sizes, which are marked with the familiar to us markings M, L and XL. So if you really liked the model, you can choose the right size.

In the model Anda Seat T-Pro 2 the width of backrest at the shoulders is 60,5 cm, distance between armrests is 73-75,5 cm, width of the seat bottom on the inside is 42 cm, width of the seat bottom with sides is 58 cm, side armrest adjustment - 2.5 cm, wheelbase diameter - 76 cm, backrest length - 87 cm, armrest height adjustment - 9 cm, height from floor to armrest - 63.5-78 cm, seat depth - 54 cm, height from floor to seat base - 49-56 cm. The company claims that the chair is suitable for tall people up to 2m 10cm, with a capacity of 200kg.

What can be the upholstery material

With the upholstery of armchairs are more and more interesting and diverse. There are several basic options that are used in the vast majority of models. The most common option is artificial leather. But it also comes in different versions. Both in terms of manufacturing technology and materials used for production. In terms of its properties it resembles natural leather, while being significantly cheaper. Cheap versions of artificial leather used in budget models, quickly worn, wiped and can crack after exposure to high or low temperatures. More expensive models use higher quality materials. For example, in the Anda Seat seats it is DuraXtra AD+ Leather of our own design and production. This synthetic leather is resistant to mechanical damage, dirt stains, stays flexible and durable for a long time. And it's easy to clean.

Now let's move on to the second option. There are chairs with fabric upholstery. Again, it comes in different qualities and the cheap options tear and wipe quickly. More expensive chairs actively use linen fabric. It is very durable and excellent air permeability, so that in this chair is comfortable to sit for hours, even in summer. This fabric is very aesthetic look, and the touch is pleasant. But it has its own disadvantages. Firstly, it is more demanding in terms of care. And secondly, it will remain spotty. If the faux leather can easily wipe spilled soda, the linen cloth will remain spot. Well, the most expensive variant of upholstery is of course natural leather. It is used in the top models.

Anda Seat is available in different upholstery versions, including synthetic leather, linen cloth and genuine Napa leather - just like in the leather interiors of luxury cars. One of the most popular models Anda Seat T-Pro 2 is available in a variety of colors with both faux leather and linen upholstery.

Armchair Filler

The filler used in the chair determines both usability and durability. More affordable chairs usually use foam and similar materials as filler. They are really very inexpensive, but they have plenty of disadvantages. In particular, such a filler is very short-lived, easily squeezed and quickly "falls through". More expensive, but much more comfortable and more durable option - foam with memory effect. Such materials are used in orthopedic mattresses, pillows, as well as ear cushions of not cheap headphones. Such stuffing easily takes the desired shape, and then returns to its original state. Such foam is poured in liquid form into the desired design, where it takes the desired shape and state.

All Anda Seat chairs use durable, one-component foam with a density of 60 kg/m3

Construction and material of the base, diameter and coating of wheels

The base of the chair, depending on class and price, can be made either of plastic or metal. Preferably aluminium. It goes without saying that the metal base is more solid and durable and is able to withstand higher loads. In some chairs. Anda Seat in particular use an aluminium base with extra stiffening ribs for extra stability. The wheels can also be used in different ways. In budget models it is usually a simple wheel of small diameter made of plastic. They have a number of disadvantages. They are not very durable, they are very noisy and spoil the floor. This is especially unpleasant if the room is an expensive laminate or parquet. More expensive chairs use larger diameter wheels made of better materials and with a rubberized coating to prevent traces of use on the floor. Anda Seat uses polyurethane rubber wheels with a diameter of 60-75 mm to enable silent and comfortable movement on various surfaces.

Anda Seat uses 60-75 mm diameter rubber coated polyurethane wheels for silent and comfortable movement on different surfaces.

Adjustability, ergonomics

The comfort of an armchair and the absence of back pain do not only depend on the seat cushioning, upholstery and the right size. It is extremely important the correct positioning of your back on it. That's why all (or nearly all) chairs have two cushions: one under the lower back and one under the neck. They just help keep the spine in the right position. Size and position of these cushions is also very individual and remotely understand: they do not fit or not possible. As for adjustments of the chair everything is more simple and straightforward. Each model has its own angle of inclination of the back and in some cases it allows you to literally lie down horizontally and rest or even take a nap. The rocking mechanism, depending on its design, allows you to deviate at different angles. Simple models use a simple butterfly mechanism. It is fairly rigid and usually allows to deflect no more than 5 °. The more advanced models have another mechanism where the angle can be up to 30° and the mechanism works more smoothly. Gaslift is responsible for raising the chair. They are divided into grades 1 to 4. They differ in wall thickness and the weight they can bear. Class 4 - the strongest and can withstand 200 kg. Class 3 is up to 150kg, class 2 is up to 10kg and class 1 is up to 80kg. Armrests also come in different versions, with a different set of adjustments. Minimally these are height and angle. These adjustments are available in budget chairs. The more expensive ones get an option to move the armrests forward-backward and left-right. Such armrests are called 4D.

Armchair Anda Seat Kaiser 2 max. weight 200 kg and maximum swinging load 150 kg. The backrest tilts between 90° and 160° and can be locked in any position. Armrest 4D: forward-backward, up-down, left-right and tilt angle. The wheels have a diameter of 60 mm for quiet and comfortable movement on different surfaces and are filled with 65 kg/m³ single-component foam.

This material was created by the editorial staff of

gg with the support of Anda Seat

. Anda Seat gaming chairs are officially on sale in Ukraine and have a 24-month warranty.

A brief about the company Anda Seat

The history of Anda Seat began in 2007. The company was engaged in the production of seats for sports cars, and also created seats for sports fields, including racing, football, volleyball and more. In 2013, it became clear that cybersport was developing and becoming more popular. And the company decided to change the production profile to gaming chairs. At first - as an OEM manufacturer for various third-party brands. And that is what it does to this day. In 2014, the company founded its own brand Anda Seat, under which it began to produce its own models. The first one came out in 2016. In 2017 Anda Seat already sponsored the first KPL champion in China and WEFUN, YTG. In 2018 Anda Seat became a sponsor of the Chinese National Football Team and the National Volleyball League. Also became a sponsor of many cybersports teams such as Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five. The first top-tier chair was released in 2018. It was the Anda Seat Dark Knight model. In February 2020, the Anda Seat T-Pro model is released with linen fabric upholstery in a more neutral design for the office or home. In December 2020 Anda Seat Marvel Anda Seat in collaboration with Disney released the Marvel chair series. 2019 Anda Seat became the main sponsor of Swedish eSports team Fnatic, and in 2021 it also became the main sponsor of Na'Vi. Anda Seat's products are currently available in 30 countries and according to the latest figures are the world's number one selling products. Among the important features of the company is its own R&D facility and a closed production cycle. Simply put, the entire design, production of components and materials, as well as assembly is done solely by Anda Seat, without any third parties.

Current Anda Seat lineup

The Anda Seat lineup at the moment is very impressive. There are overtly colorful gamer models, including collaboration with eSports organizations Fnatic and Na'Vi, as well as more relaxed options that will look harmoniously in the office. The price range is quite wide: from inexpensive models for 10,000 UAH to the premium segment with Napa leather for 30,000 UAH. However, regardless of the price, all models use foam padding, durable steel frames and high-quality upholstery materials.