Moto G5 saved a man's life by stopping a bullet

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 12.10.2021, 11:57
Moto G5 saved a man's life by stopping a bullet

Last week, an old Motorola smartphone stopped a bullet and saved its owner's life. The Moto G5 model, announced in 2017, was marked.

Incident details

An unpleasant situation with a happy ending took place in Brazil. During an armed robbery, an intruder shot a man, but the victim survived, suffering only a severe hip contusion.

As it turned out, the bullet hit the Moto G5 smartphone. Interestingly, the device itself was wrapped in a protective case with the image of the Hulk. Naturally, the owner of the device didn't forget to make a joke about it. A bullet hit cracked the screen, and the back side is slightly swollen. Fortunately, the battery didn't explode.

Users often joke that if an old phone falls on the asphalt, the latter will have big problems. This is usually said in relation to the original Nokia 3310. But some relatively newer handsets can also boast of a sturdy design.

The case of the Moto G5 is not an isolated one. In January 2011 HTC Evo 4G was able to stop a bullet, and 3.5 years later the same marked the Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3.

Source: The Clare People