Chrome finally has a PDF editor

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 13.10.2021, 14:04
Chrome finally has a PDF editor

PDFs are already the headache they once were, but sometimes they can still be an inconvenience, especially if all you need to do is edit a document quickly. Not everyone wants to download special software for the occasional document signing, and web applications can have their own "peculiarities". Because of this, the format's developer, Adobe, has released extensions for Chrome and Edge browsers that allow you to access PDF editing tools directly through your browser.

The good news is that you don't need a subscription to Acrobat Pro DC to access this functionality in the extension. The free access also allows you to add comments to PDFs, as well as download and print them. But if you get to things like trying to convert a PDF to a Microsoft Word document, you do have to shell out the price.

To be clear, these extensions are separate from the Acrobat web service, which Adobe recently upgraded to bring the one with a desktop client. If your work involves frequent editing of PDF files, you probably prefer to use Adobe's dedicated application. For everyone else who works with PDF occasionally, extensions will clearly be helpful.

Download the extension from at.

Source: adobe