Apple HomePod mini smart speaker will shine new colors in November

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 18.10.2021, 21:39
Apple HomePod mini smart speaker will shine new colors in November

Apple kicked off the presentation by providing an update on the HomePod mini smart speaker. As it turns out, the HomePod mini lineup will soon be updated with several different colors. While no changes are expected from a hardware standpoint, these new colors give potential buyers the option (or visibility) to choose from.

Apple announced today that the HomePod mini will soon come in three new colors: blue, orange, and yellow. The white and grey models aren't going anywhere, as Apple will continue to offer them, bringing the number of available HomePod mini colors to five.

While it's not the most significant update, it's nice to get some new color options for those who find white and gray a bit boring. Judging by the images Apple shared, the new colors look pretty bright, especially the orange and yellow. But images are images, and we still have to wait for the devices to go on sale.

Apple says it will launch orange, yellow and blue miniature HomePods in November. There's no exact release date yet, but the November launch means they'll arrive just in time for the important US holiday shopping season, which Apple is clearly banking on.

The price of the devices is still the same 99 USD. In addition, Apple has announced that the HomePod mini will be compatible with Apple's new Music Voice plan, which will launch later this year.

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