Xiaomi has released the biggest MIUI update ever

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 22.10.2021, 09:17
Xiaomi has released the biggest MIUI update ever

Xiaomi has released a software update for the Mi Mix Fold bendable smartphone. The fresh update features the longest list of changes in MIUI history.

What's known

Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold is the company's first and so far only bendable phone. Moreover, of its current flagships, it is the only one still running MIUI 12 firmware. The manufacturer has started deploying the shell under the number v12.0.25.0 RJTCNXM.

You can see the list of changes in a separate image. It's all in Chinese, though. But Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi, summarized the important all features. The update adapts apps to run on both external and internal screens and brings software compatibility with a large bendable display (over 4,000 apps are listed).

What's interesting, though the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold stays running on MIUI 12, it gets all the features of MIUI 12.5 firmware, including MIUI+. The update fixes the problem of connecting to external monitors, optimizes the PC mode and makes the interface smoother.

According to the company's VP, the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold experience will be the same as the new smartphone. That's a rather strange statement considering it's been about six months since the $1,500-2,000 Snapdragon 888-powered flagship premiered.

Source: Gizmochina