Microsoft prepares new antivirus for Windows 11

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 28.10.2021, 17:39
Microsoft prepares new antivirus for Windows 11

The new Windows 11 operating system, which was released in early October, still uses the Windows Defender antivirus software, which has remained unchanged since version 10.

But according to sources, Microsoft developers are diligently preparing a new version of the security software integrated into Windows 11. The project is being developed under the codename GibraltarApp, and its main goal is to offer "simple, easy-to-use and personalized protection."

While the Windows 10 antivirus program has proven to be an excellent tool for dealing with malware attacks, Windows Defender works with Windows 11 with mixed success. Many users, for example, complain about its bugs.

For now, however, the new Microsoft Defender is shrouded in mystery. Even participants in the Windows Insider early testing program have no information on the timeline for GibraltarApp distribution.

Source: Neowin