Bosch invests more than 400 million euros in microchip production

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 29.10.2021, 20:08
Bosch invests more than 400 million euros in microchip production

The German technology group Bosch plans to invest more than 400 million euros next year in microchip production in Germany and Malaysia. With this, the company hopes to reduce the global shortage.

The shortage of microchips for automotive companies has had a significant impact on car production worldwide in the past year. Some suppliers rely almost exclusively on chips from just a few manufacturers in Asia and the United States. As a result of this problem, manufacturers have been forced to reduce volumes or even shut down production lines.

Much of Bosch's budget will be spent on a rapid expansion of its plant in Dresden, Germany, where 300mm wafers are made. That plant opened in June.

Some 50 million euros will be invested in a facility in Reutlingen near Stuttgart to produce 200-mm wafers, the company said. Another project to be financed is the construction of a semiconductor testing center in Penang, Malaysia, the firm added, without specifying the investment amount.

Bosch is known as a maker of electronics and electrical components for cars, including automation systems and advanced driver assistance software, among other things.

Source: reuters