Xiaomi closed its popular Redmi smartphone series

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 30.10.2021, 12:49
Xiaomi closed its popular Redmi smartphone series

Xiaomi has shut down its popular Redmi smartphone lineup, which didn't come out until 2020.

What is known

It is about Redmi X series. Liu Weibing, one of the vice presidents of Xiaomi and CEO of Redmi, said that the company is no longer considering updating the line. What this decision is due to is not yet known.

The series includes three models, Redmi 10X 4G / 5G and Redmi 10X Pro 5G. The two 5G-enabled versions have topped AnTuTu's ranking of the highest-performing mid-range smartphones for almost a year. Both are equipped with a 7nm Dimensity 820 chip. The Redmi 10X 4G is the Chinese version of the Redmi Note 9, but with two differences. First, there is more built-in memory. Secondly, there is no NFC chip.

Source: ITHome

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