Xiaomi smartphones will now be manufactured in Pakistan

By: Elena Shcherban | 03.11.2021, 21:51
Xiaomi smartphones will now be manufactured in Pakistan

Chinese company Xiaomi is expanding the geography of its production, and from January 2022 its smartphones will be assembled also in Pakistan.

What is known

 This has been revealed by Xiaomi's local partner, Air Link Communication Limited, which has sent key details to the Pakistan Stock Exchange. The manufacturing agreement is between Xiaomi and Select Technologies (Pvt) Limited, a subsidiary of Air Link Communication Limited. Select Technologies will act as Xiaomi's manufacturing partner in Pakistan with focus on mobile phone manufacturing. The manufacturing facility is close to Air Link's mobile phone manufacturing complex in Lahore.

The plan is to produce between 2.5 to 3 million units of smartphones annually. According to projections, revenues from Xiaomi's new gadget production will be about $450 million per year.

By the way, the contract says that Select Technologies will be tasked with producing mobile devices of certain brands. It is possible that the company will also deal with devices other manufacturers, not only Xiaomi.

Source: Gizmochina