Telegram 8.2 update released: what's new

By: Miroslav Trynko | 04.11.2021, 07:36
Telegram 8.2 update released: what's new

The Telegram team has announced a new update to the branded messenger.

What's changed

The application was released under the number Telegram 8.2. A lot of small but useful changes have been added to it. For example, the app now has quick scrolling in Media. Thanks to the date block, you can now quickly scroll through the section

A calendar has also been added to Media.

The developers also added invitation links to join groups, global color themes for iOS devices owners,time to geo-position (iOS), quick photo captions (iOS), and a new settings section (iOS).

Naturally, new interactive emoji are also available. 

When to expect

Telegram 8.2 is already available for download on App Store and Google Play.

Source: Telegram