Information about the next update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been released

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 12.11.2021, 10:37
Information about the next update for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been released

The official website for the game World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has information about the new update. It has been dubbed "Infinity's End". 

Jailer Zovaal, king of the Womb from the Darklands, is preparing a new strike. And that strike threatens to rewrite the laws of reality. In  Ends of Eternity you'll have to defy him - and maybe even save Azeroth and all the Darklands from a fate worse than death.

Major Novelties
  • Zereth Mortis is an area that is a laboratory for the manufacture of otherworlds, created by the Eternals. The inhabitants of Zereth Mortis, the Automes, created Azeroth and the Darklands, among others. Jailer wants to take over Zereth Mortis to rebuild the universe to his design.
  • The Enlightened are brokers who will help protect Zereth Mortis if you gain their trust.
  • Cipher of the Ancients - The forgotten language of the Progenitors, by learning it you will gain access to new abilities, daily challenges, events and rewards.
  • Tomb of the Ancients - A raid where the key to unlocking the Jailer's plans is hidden. You will have to stop Anduin and help him overthrow the shackles of Lordship magic, then go after Zovaal in the Tomb, push back his army and gain the power of the Ancients.
  • Class sets armor that can be obtained in raids, PvP battles, and epochal dungeons with the key. Every two and four items dressed enhance unique abilities.

Other new items
  • Third season of PvP and epochal dungeons with keys.
  • Tazavesh in epochal mode with keys.
    Tazavesh divided into two dungeons for this mode.
  • New vehicles and pets.
  • Update professions and guides.
  • New dance minigame in New Moon Fair.

Source: Blizzard 

Photo: Blizzard