Big DLC for Risk Of Rain 2: there is news

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 22.11.2021, 20:35
Big DLC for Risk Of Rain 2: there is news

The Risk of Rain roguelike developers continue to support their creation. They recently delighted fans with the news of the release of a paid expansion. Last week, she revealed the title, Survivors of the Void, and talked about the DLC's Simulacrum mode. 

The Simulacrum is a wave of enemies challenge set in a Void simulation. The features of the mode are as follows:

  • Each wave is more difficult than the previous one, and in every fifth wave a dangerous boss awaits you. Opponents spawn within a safe zone located in a larger location.
  • In some waves, random mutators are activated, for example, a random artifact is turned on for one round.
  • After each wave, the player is given a choice of one of three items.
  • As usual, boxes with items and other interactive elements appear on the map. Sometimes you will have to leave the safe area to get to these objects. After each boss wave, the safe zone shifts - this is your chance to open more boxes.
  • A fight in a simulation can only end with the death of your character - there is no ending to which you have to live.
  • Both single player and multiplayer are supported.
  • Open artifacts are available in the mode.

Survivors of the Void will be released in the first quarter of 2022 on PC (Steam) and consoles.