Rumor: iPhone 15 Pro may lose a physical SIM card slot

By: Elena Shcherban | 25.12.2021, 16:34
Rumor: iPhone 15 Pro may lose a physical SIM card slot

According to sketchy rumors spread by Brazilian website Blog do iPhone, Apple's 2023 smartphones will not have a physical slot for SIM card...

What is it like?

The fact is, the latest iPhones have a separate card slot. nano-SIMand also support digital eSIM. But in the future, the manufacturer may completely switch to virtual cards. The only caveat is that the report only refers to the older models of the iPhone 15 Pro.

The source says smartphones will receive two eSIMs each, ensuring that the function Dual-SIM will remain available. Mode Dual-SIM allows you to have two lines of service on one iPhone, which is useful for purchasing data-only plans when traveling abroad or having personal and business lines on the same iPhone.

By the way, the rejection of the physical slot for SIM card may improve the waterproof performance of the device.

But given that the iPhone 15 Pro models are still two years away from release, these rumors should be treated with some skepticism until confirmed by other sources. Plus, Blog do iPhone is not a well-established source of Apple rumors.

A source: MacRumors, Blog do iPhone