Adobe's Firefly AI tools are now commercially available

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 14.09.2023, 13:08
Adobe's Firefly AI tools are now commercially available

Adobe announced the commercial launch of the Firefly generative AI model in Creative Cloud, Express, and Experience Cloud applications.

Here's What We Know

Adobe has also released a standalone Firefly web app to explore the AI capabilities without a subscription to Adobe products. The Express Premium app and the Firefly web app will be included in the paid Creative Cloud plan.

Firefly generative background fill in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Firefly, a commercially safe generative model, has been launched for businesses. According to the developers, it is trained on content from Adobe Stock and copyright-free materials.

Generating text illustrations in Adobe Express

All content generated by Firefly contains metadata about authorship and a note about the use of AI. In addition, the images contain information about the details of creation and edits.

The company has also introduced a credit system to manage the load on computing power. Subscribers will receive a certain limit, after exceeding which Firefly's speed will slow down.

For content providers, it has launched an annual bonus programme for providing data for AI training.

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Source: The Verge