Adobe uses artificial intelligence to separate audio tracks

By: Bohdan Kaminskyi | 16.11.2023, 17:37
Adobe uses artificial intelligence to separate audio tracks

Adobe is developing a new tool called Project Sound Lift that can separate different sound layers in a single audio recording using artificial intelligence.

Here's What We Know

Project Sound Lift separates elements such as applause or laughter from the main sound. To do this, simply import an audio file and select the type of noise to remove.

After separation, the user gets separate tracks with speech, music and background noise. They can be independently edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

This allows you to increase the clarity of the desired fragments of audio and muffle unnecessary noise. According to Adobe, Project Sound Lift surpasses existing tools by offering highlighting of specific sounds.

For now, the product is still in development and it's not known when the final version will be available. But Adobe is actively incorporating AI capabilities into its media processing applications.

Source: The Verge