Alex Chub
Alex Chub 23.09.2012, 09:34

We spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer. Eight hours out of 24 we spend at work. That's a third of our life. Whether we're working or playing, it's how we spend most of the day. So we should choose an armchair as thoroughly as we should choose a bed, where we also spend a third of our life. Yes, of course we can sit at the computer though on a stool, but still every person wants comfort. That is the main purpose of the recently very popular gaming chairs. Although the term "gamer" is not quite correct: you want to sit comfortably not only during the game, but also in the workplace. And now the colors of such chairs have become more. Not just colored glaring, but more restrained monochrome. Manufacturers of gaming chairs a huge amount, as well as the range. The price range is also enormous. Today the editorial staff of gg try to tell our readers how to choose the right chair and what features to pay attention to the first.

Technoslav Bergamot
Technoslav Bergamot 06.09.2012, 09:49

The future is behind fan tablets Sergei Makarenko This text is paid for by Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Nokia, Intel, ARM, Moscow Fan Factory and any other companies you fancy yourself

Before we start this difficult conversation, it is worth saying that we will only talk about using Windows 8 with tablets . Microsoft is still preparing a version of Windows RT for ARM processors, which will require a complete rejection of Microsoft's sacred cow - support for apps built for Intel processors that use different instructions. If Windows 7 touch support was a frank compromise and spawned a whole class of useless and frankly useless tablets, then Windows 8 is another system by ideology where Microsoft has started to move in the direction of tablets and phones (meaning the unity of the code with Windows Phone 8, providing programmers "easy" porting for both platforms). Nevertheless, working version of Windows 8 RTM which won't differ from final version (no dramatic improvements will be available) seems to be the main operating system for desktops and laptops. And a complete failure (and nobody needs it) for tablets.

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