10 Free Browser Games You Can Play While Your Boss is Out

By: Borys Sydiuk | 23.03.2016, 20:57

Are you bored in the evenings? Are you tired of World of Tanks and ever lasting Farms? DO yo have free time at work why your boss is out or on vacation? You know a solution you will like a lot for hours or even days called browser-based games. To save you time we collected 10 nice games, maybe not top ones, but definitely not boring ones.

War of Thrones

10 Free Browser Games You Can Play While Your Boss is Out

Once you press the Play button you go a decade back (well, if you are not a teen at the moment) at the time of the glorious Heroes of Might and Magic. The game plot starts in the fairy tale kingdom Stormfall facing bad times. Some landlords are rebelling and everyone tries to get the Throne (like they do in famous TV show). You start with a small piece of land and you have to build up your property till a prosperous castle. Otherwise you will fail under hits of your enemies. The game play is simple: collect resources, build up, kill monsters and get experience.

Then you can go for enemy castles, burn, plunder and rape geese. The latter is a joke, of course. BUt do not forget to take care about your own land. If you are bored to play alone you can join and alliance and fight with your fellows shoulder to shoulder. Old Lord Oberon helps you to survive. He tells you how to earn bonuses, develop buildings or set the full screen mode (in case you do not know how to do it). Resume: quite interesting and involving game that fully meets the genre requirements . And it has excellent graphics. Plarium seems to pay good money to their artists.

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Star Ghosts

10 Free Browser Games You Can Play While Your Boss is Out-2

Let’s put our beloved hayfork aside. Now we have to go across the Universe as a captain of a space warship. First you have to select a fraction to join. There are three of them: Titan, Aurora and Phoenix. They have almost no difference but point of view and ship designs.

First you have a simple boat ready to blow up after the first hit. And it has not weapon so you can only maneuver. But later you can upgrade your ship to a fully featured battleship which will induce awe in all those who disagree with your interplanetary policy. Or you ca buy a new and better ship. PvP battles are the most spectacular in the game, you can fight and earn some game money.

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Pirate Codex

10 Free Browser Games You Can Play While Your Boss is Out-3

Hey, buddy, Jack Sparrow is not here. There is no sea battle, no port whore and no rum barrels here. Even motion sickness will not bother you. The game plot starts on a distant island that you have to build up and populate with drunken pirates. Seems to be something completely different. The developers call it a fresh view. Well, if you have not to fight a sexy neighbor Bloody Mary who lives on an island nearby will help you with her tips.

You have to mine gold and produce wood and have enough rum to make evil and bloodthirsty thugs pirates be drunk. Once you finish building up your cozy pirate bay you have to start conquering other islands as their inhabitants will feel better being ruled by you. And do not forget to order more rum.

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Rail Nation

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This game simulator will not discover your managerial skills of a strategist or businessman, nor provide you with a Harvard business training, but you will not be bored. You have a global objective to make your own transport company be the best in this virtual rail road world and beat other smart players.

The main feature of the game is time limitation. The game offers 6 key periods, 2 weeks each. While you're admiring the new locomotive your competitors are calculating their business plans and the market situation, changing good prices, planning logistics and treating designers to select a proper font for the name of a new station. It is all like in real life. Go work and not keep your money in a store like Scrooge McDuck used to as Warren Buffet will not understand it.

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My Sunny Resort

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Hot Sun, soft lounger, noise of waves of the Caribbean Sea and refreshing cocktail on the beach… Not, it is not a dream, it is a browser game developed by Upjers and called My Sunny Resort. Well, if you wanna have much money… Go work hard, of course, if you wish to rest on the beach. So at the start you are a lucky owner of a hut on a beach that pretends to be called a hotel. Tourists try to avoid your place and even birds feel shame to fly over.

You know actually what to do: attract clients, build up your island and invent new entertainments for demanding tourists who do not want to spend their resort bucks for nothing. Later you can convert your island into a #1 SPA resort in the world and then attack Albania… Wait… That’s from a different game

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Sparta: War of Empires

10 Free Browser Games You Can Play While Your Boss is Out-6

“It is Sparta” wailed Gerard Butler in the 300 Spartans film. It has become a mem and gave birth to many demotivators around the internet. Guys at Plarium felt good with that and they studied a lot of books and created their browser game called Sparta: War of Empires with quite nice music and sound effects composed by Jesper Kyd who composed music for Hitman and Assasins Creed as well.

First you have a city top build up, supply food and resources to and protect it. Farms, forges and sawmills manufacture grain, bronze and wood respectively to supply your population, citizens and soldiers to work, to fight, and to grow. You can form or join alliances to fight for Pantheons together. You can master your skills by raiding villages of your computer AI enemies. Then your experienced general can lead your forces to fight against Xerxes. But keep in mind to take more than 300 soldiers with you. By the way, Leonidas will be you advisor, so be humble.

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Travian: Kingdoms

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The developers did not try to invent a bicycle so they changed only graphics in the 5th part of Travian. And added some new features to make players happier. There are still three nations in the game: Romans, Germans and Gauls (probably for Asterix and Obelix fans), and villages of fearsome Natars, keepers of the Miracle, the final target of the game. Once you win it, the game is over – standing ovation, fireworks, clinks of glasses – the server stops working and names the winner.

But before it you have to do your job – build up your village, protect it from enemies, collect resources, complete quests and fight many battles. The key resource here is time. If you have to wait a few minutes to complete an action at the beginning, in a couple of weeks you have to wait hours. If you do not want to wait you have another option – pay real money and accelerate your game play.

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League of Angels

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The plot is this anime-like game is quite simple: the Good against the Evil. A group of girl angels lost their magic force to evil magicians and other bad guys and is sent away to the Earth. Now they have to overcome evil beings and get back their lost hidden force. You can select one of 13 angels of different sizes and political convictions. 4 other angels will be led by the AI or other human player to help you to complete your objective.

Aside of battles you have to complete quests, discover lands, wipe out dungeons and save various characters. It looks like the developers did their best to design objectives. You are told a very detailed story, purpose of this or that action is explained to lazy players, a victory brings a lot of benefits. And that’s all.

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LoveCity 3D

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AS the developers explained this game is for adults, or rather young adults. It is actually a simulator of everyday life of youth (rated “erotic”). But in fact it is just a dream for bored housewives who almost forgot their student life parties. The developers do not try to hide the fact that women are the target audience of the game.

So, there is cartoonized you in the plush pink 3D World. Cartoonized because the avatar they offer to you seems to be the quintessential of all those pains of dozens of plastic operations. The game world is full of tasteless music and you are condemned to live in this environment, have a good time, go for parties and to clubs, drink cocktails on the beach and flirt with men.

Well, this is the adult world and you can do whatever you wish – kiss, hug, flirt and even get married. There is no objective in the game, nor any sense is present. Game design is not outstanding but bored housewives may love it. At least the developers state they have over one million players in the game.

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Dragon Knight

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This browser-based MMORPG is widely known and popular I Asia. The plot outline tells us about the story of a fearsome dragon who kidnapped a wonderful princess long time ago. And you are the only one who can save the beauty. While you are not a dragon it was you who slept for a thousand years (the story does not tell us why), so your weekday starts with the quest to save the princess.

It seems the developers decided to arm themselves with the principle “Brevity is the soul of wit” so you have not many options to select your hero, you can be a magician with fireballs or a warrior with a sword and two fists. And the objective is as clear as possible – find and kill the dragon and save the princess.

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