11 Features for Your Next Android Smartphone

By: Borys Sydiuk | 18.03.2016, 08:45
11 Features for Your Next Android Smartphone

Those guys trying to sell you just another cool toy may not agree with us. They think metal, glass, the joke proof Gorilla and a big peacock tail of this or that manufacturer are the only things you really need. Or simple and budget nature, optimal specifications for the money will bring you a mass market trash that will never work long and good and force you not to think about your wallet all the time you use such a phone. Don’t listen to them both, they want only their fiscal year bonuses. Listen to us, we are the truth. Penultimate. We compiled a list of useful features you have to look for while selecting your brand new smartphone. We hope it will save you time and money.

1. NFC

NFC for picture exchange and markings reading did not work. Who need marking? Do you know any one who really uses the feature? You would better go social and use various massagers (especially when both parties have iPhones). For interconnection of NFC devices it maybe handy but without the feature you can no doubt survive. But this technology looks really important if they implement contactless payments.

Here and there you can meet passengers paying not the their PayPass credit cards but with their smartphones. Here or there cashiers at checkout in supermarkets apologize for not accepting contactless phones while accepting contactless cards. There are places in the world where you can pay with NFC smartphones or just bends on your hands. For instance Vodaphone mobile provider offers NFC payments in some countries in Europe with their Wallet solution. Anyway NFC payments are a trend for the near future.

Moreover, NFC can also work as a smart lock and some kind of authentication. So it is one of must-have features you will look for

2. Two Bands WiFi

The number of devices using old 2.5 GHz band is enormous these days. We hope you understand what we mean. And if you feel the same way it is high time to buy a 2 bands Wifi router for your place and plan other purchases considering that step.

3. At Least 2GB of RAM

3 GB would be even better if you’re going to purchase an Android smartphone for $250+. Android is always hungry RAM. Google declares various optimizations all the time with any new OS. But it hardly helps.

4. Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint scanner today is just a toy. It is important only if you loose your smartphone with really valuable information stored. Since Android 6.0 (the OS you new smartphone must have right out of the box, or at least as an update option) biometrics are supported at the system level. So third party application vendors (for mobile banking, shopping, etc.) will start involving biometric protection for purchase process or software authorization. As it works now on iOS devices. That’s really convenient to authorize a purchase with a single finger move, not with all those SMS and password chains. At least it can decrease the number of operations needed to three simple actions: open an application, select a product or service, and authorize purchase with your fingerprint. That’s it.

5. Fast Charging

It is much more important to have an option to charge your smartphone battery faster than to have a high capacity one. No doubt! And many manufacturers already did it, and not only for their top models. We expect in a couple of years the fast charging will be an ordinary feature, not something outstanding. The bad news: the charger should have sufficient amperage and be light to carry in a pocket.

6. High Quality Front Camera

To selfie or not to selfie, that is not a question. We do video call phones all the time, who cares? And let’s stop annoying your collocutor with bad video quality. Just imagine they see on you 4K wall-sized screens and how bad they feel of your portrait. Almost all modern smartphones at $150 price level feature 5 mpx front cameras and they are quite good.

7. LTE Support

4G is invading the entire planet to make providers more profit. Well, we have to admit faster internet is much better. And we understand it costs some extra money and because and we are condemned to pay more because the quality of video increases demanding more and more bandwidth. And videocalls are more and more popular. If you have not yet tried LTE you are to have a chance to try it really soon. And don’t die of heart attack of your jealousy to those who already have and use LTE.

8. AptX

It is one of not so numerous technologies that not only exist but also work. AptX provides sound via Bluetooth at the CD quality. Music in great quality and wireless, especially for sporty people. If you enjoy sound and comfort and have enough money to purchase quite expensive Android smartphone, make sure it features aptX . And make sure it really supports aptX. The bad news – headphones also much support aptX and therefore they cost quite high. To check if  your smartphone supports aptX visit http://www.aptx.com/

9. Camera with BSI Sensor

BSI sensor (stands for Back-illuminated sensor) is a type of digital image sensor with backside illumination. It helps your smartpone to make good pictures in low light with less noise. Today they are often found in mobile devices, but do not forget to talk to a consultant in a store about it, and don’t worry, he will receive his bonuses for your purchase anyway so let him make his job. Well, if it is present you will know it. Top cameras are always outstanding while for mid class products manufacturers try to flaunt with trendy technologies printed on the box.

10. USB Type-C

USB Type-C is not only a headache (especially because your smartphone has the new connector while phones of your friends don’t, and you have to carry a cable with you). The connector is really handy and you can put in the cable any side. Moreover USB Type-C provides higher speed for data transfer between devices (upto 10 Gbit per second) in case you need to use wired file transfer. More your friends buy smartphones with USB Type-C, more chances you will not need to carry a spare cable with you to charge your phone in case it will be low power.

11. Audiochip

Time when so called true audiophiles wrinkled their noses in disgust when you offered them to listen music on your smartphone is passed away. Today top device manufacturers (especially Chinese) are keen to provide high sound quality in smartphones and build in real audipchips. Meizu, Oppo, Xiaomi, just name a few, along with less known guys. If you need good sound make sure your smartphone has a dedicated audiochip.