10 Chinese Smartphones with 5” to 5.5” Display Worth to Buy

By: Borys Sydiuk | 05.04.2016, 09:00
10 Chinese Smartphones with 5” to 5.5” Display Worth to Buy

Buying smartphones in Chinese online stores has advantages and disadvantages. The buyer should understand that brand name phones cost the same everytwhere. You can save only if you buy unknown brands or noname devices. And you can save 20 to 50% as prices of legally sold phones include marketing and service expenses. Chinese manufacturers prefer to spend much less and rather make efforts in internet, they don’t have official services centers in most countries, and that is why their prices are lower. You can buy s smartphone of this kind only if you consider an option to through it away and buy a new one if it is broken (for instance, cheap smartphones for kids as kids used to kill phones quite often). It may also be a good temporary solution. You can buy a smartphone like this as your main one but we would recommend to do it only at the very least. The risk me not be worth.

The Chinese smartphone market has a wide range to offer, so you can check Chinese online stores and select and interesting model. The main problem of such a purchase is delivery time of several weeks, so if you get a bad or not working device you should wait too long to replace it or get refund. Not all buyer can be that patient.

The main advantage of Chinaphones is you can buy a cheap model and replace it in a year, and sell your old one through Ebay or alike. If your phones fails to work you can send it back for the warranty repairs or replacement but you have to wait a while. Replacement costs $4-10 while repair costs $2-5. So it is generally not too expensive. Service may be included if you buy a smartphone locally and provided buy the seller. So service by warranty is long by time but cheap by money.

Here you have our list of the most interesting smartphones with displays from 5” to 5.5” (we take this range as the most popular according to our researches) as of the late February 2016. Keep in mind the CHinese smartphone used t be delivered free of charge.

Smartphones for $50-100

What you get

Well, you cannot expect a lot of features in smartphones under $100, and the quality ma be not that good. Models we offer have the following features:

  • RAM 1-2 Gb;
  • Flash Drive 8-16 Gb;
  • CPU 2-4 cores



This smartphone features 5.5” 1280x720 px display and works on Android 5.1. There is 4-core CPU МТК 6580 clocking at 1 GHz and graphics card Mali-400 MP. RAM is 1 Gb, built-in flash drive of 8 Gb can be extended by upto 64 Gb with a flash card. WHen purchasing this smartphone you can also order a flash card. There are two cameras – 2 and 5 mpx, the case goes in black and white colors. The price at the moment is $56.99.

Where to buy: gearbest.com

Price: $56,99$


Doogee X5

You may already know this brand a little/ IT goes with the МТК 6580 CPU clocking at 1.3 GHz, 5” IPS 1280х720 px display and works on Android 5.1. It also features 1 Gb of RAM and 8 Gb of flash drive. The manufacturer promises excellent pictures taken the the main 5 mpx camera and nice video call user experience  with the 2 mpx front camera. Free delivery.

Where to buy: dx.com

Price: $58.31


UMI Rome X

This 5.5” smartphone on Android 5.1 OS features 4-core МТК 6580 processor clocking at 1.3 GHz each core. It has 3 Gb of RAM and 16 Gb of built-in flash drive. The manifacturer ensures it can work upto 5 hours in talk mode and upto 100 hours in stand-by mode thanking its massive 3200 mAh battery. UMI Rome X has two cameras, one is quite weak 2 mpx camera while the main one is 13 mpx and can record video at 1280х720 resolution. Quite good cheap model with fast processor and memory. YOu an also buy this model for less using discount coupons found elsewhere.

Where to buy: banggood.com

 Price: $59.99


Smartphones for $ 100-250$

What you get

These are more powerful devices with better specifications:

  • RAM upto 4 Gb;
  • Flash Drive upto 32 Gb;
  • CPU 4-8 cores;
  • HD Display
  • Camera 13-21 mpx


Ulefone U5

This ultrathin Chinese smartphone is only 7 mm thick. But it is designed with excellence in mind and quite serious hardware. It features 4-core МТК 6582 CPU clocking at 1.3 GHz, Mali-400 MP graphics card, 1 Gb RAM, 4 Gb flash drive. Flash Drive is not a memory ocean but you can extend it with a card upto 32 Gb. The display size is 5.5” with 960х540 resolution. This elegant smartphone can take pictures and video with 5 mpx front and 8 mpx main cameras. The quality of pictures taken looks good. This device works on Android 4.2.

Where to buy: gearbest.com

Price: $120.57


Meizu M1 Note

You can buy Meizu M1 Note cheaper in Chinese stores than locally. Aliexpress demands $134.93. You can also order a 32Gb flash drive edition for extra $30. The display sports 5.5” and 1920х1080 resolution and is protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The main 13 mpx camera has 4x zoom so you can take some nice distant pictures. The front camera is 5 mpx. Battery – 3140 mAh, enough to use for the whole day, and it is recommended to recharge it daily. The phone features 8-core МТК 6752 CPU clocking at 1.7 GHz, 2 Gb RAM, two SIM-card slots. You can add replacement warranty for $9.64 and repair warranty for 1 year for $5.4.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $134.93


Ulefone Paris

Another smartphone of the price category. It costs $5 more but has almost the same features – 13 mpx main camera, 5 mpx front camera, 8-core МТК 6753 CPU clocking at 1.3 GHz, 2Gb RAM, 16 Gb flash drive. But this smartphone has 5” IPS display. The battery is 2250 mAh, that’s enough for the whole day use. This smartphone is actually not a bad alternative to all those big brands.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $139.98


Ulefone Power 4G Phablet

This chinese device features 5.5” display with Gorilla Glass 3. CPU – 8-core 1.3 GHz МТК 6753 (like Ulefone Paris), RAM – 3 Gb (not bad at all). Flash Drive – 16 Gb expandable to 128Gb with a flash card. Like the previous edition of Ulefone Power 4G Phablet this one has 5 mpx front camera, 13 mpx main camera and very powerful 6050 mAh battery. If the manufacture does not lie you can charge it once in two days not in one as other smartphones. It features a fingerprint scanner and some other useful options. It can work with two SIM cards. The case is made of metal. Gearbest ships this phone with headphones and silicon protective case.

Where to buy: gearbest.com

Price: $179.9


Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 32GB 4G Phablet

We cannot avoid this model from Xiaomi. It is an extended edition of their 5.5” smartphone with 32 Gb flash drive, powerful 8-core CPU Helio X10 clocking at 2.2 GHz, 2 Gb of RAM. IT can take high quality pictures with main 13 mpx camera and front 5 mpx camera. The smartphone works on Android 5.0. The ultrathin case is 8.2 mm thick and costs around $160 with free delivery.

Where to buy: gearbest.com

Price: $159.99


LeTV One X600


Quite good chinaphone for $170. It features 5.5” FullHD (1920х1080) display. 8-core МТК Helio X10 CPU, 3 Gb of RAM, 32 Gb of Flash drive a slot for extra 64Gb flash card. The smartphone can work with two SIM cards. By design Х600 looks like an iPhone – similar shape and metal frame. You can take pictures of nice landscapes with 13 mpx main camera and your surprised face with 5 mpx front camera. The main camera also has 6x digital zoom and dual flash light. 4G networks are supported. The battery is 3000 mAh, that’s 3 hours of talks. OS of the smartphone is Android 5.0. It is a very good option for a powerful smartphone. The seller sends a protection case as a gift.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $169.99


Elephone Vowney

This Chinese smartphone features 8-core МТК Helio x10 CPU clocking at 2.2 GHz. But this time we have 4 Gb of RAM and 32 Gb of built-in flash drive!. It also features 5.5” QHD display with 2560х1440 resolution and 21 mpx main camera able to take high quality pictures and 4K video. Even a front camera is 8 mpx so your self-portrait will be of excellent quality as well. The smartphone works upto 8 hours in talk mode thanking to the 4200 mAh battery. It is a powerful smartphone with great specifications you will like a lot.

Where to buy: aliexpress.com

Price: $239.99