How to Set Up Wi-Fi on Android

By: Faux | 06.08.2013, 17:50
How to Set Up Wi-Fi on Android

One of the first things you need to do with your smartphone is to establish an Internet connection.

To set up a Wi-Fi connection open settings and select "Wi-Fi". Enable the Wi-Fi by tapping on the "Wi-Fi" switch.
The phone will find nearby wireless networks and list them. Tap on a network to connect to it. You can connect to open or secured networks if you know the password.

You can access additional parameters such as power options and available networks notifications by pressing the menu button and selecting "Advanced" from the context menu.

See how it works in our video tutorial:

This video is also available at our youtube channel.

If you're out of reach of Wi-Fi network, there's an option to connect to the web via cellular network. Here's a video guide for that.