Serbia says it will shoot down drones over Raška

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 02.11.2022, 00:32
Serbia says it will shoot down drones over Raška

Serbia plans to deal ceremoniously with unknown drones that would invade the country's airspace.

Here's What We Know

The Serbian Armed Forces have detected several unidentified drones in the sky over Raška, which is near the border with Kosovo. After that, Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić ordered the military to shoot down any "enemy drones.

On November 1, the Serbian armed forces detected two drones over Raška. To intercept the drones, MiG-29 fighter jets were put on alert. The drones were reportedly used to monitor Serbian military facilities. In particular, the country's army bases.

It is not specified how long the drones were over Serbia's territory. But we do know that after the MiG-29 fighters took off, the two drones left the airspace of the Balkan state.

Source: Vechernje Novosti