China will Introduce Air Ballistic Missile for H-6K Bomber

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 03.11.2022, 23:16
China will Introduce Air Ballistic Missile for H-6K Bomber

Next week the Chinese city of Zhuhai will host an international air show. First of all it will be dedicated to drones, but the event will showcase a new Chinese missile.

Here's What We Know

Most likely we are dealing with an aeroballistic missile. It is indexed 2PZD-21 and looks a bit like the Russian Kh-47 Kynzhal hypersonic missile, which is essentially an air-launched Iskander missile.

The carrier of the Chinese missile was an H-6K heavy bomber. This means that the aircraft does not need to accelerate to 3,000 km/h to launch the 2PZD-21, as the Russian MiG-31K fighter aircraft, which is the carrier of the Kynzhal missiles, must do.

The H-6K is a licensed copy of the Soviet Tu-16K aircraft. It can fly at a speed of about 1000 km/h at the peak of its capabilities. Needless to say, there is no data on the technical characteristics of the 2PZD-21 yet. Previously, there was not even any information about work on the new Chinese missile.

Source: @RupprechtDeino