10 Unusual Things You Never Knew Exist

By: Nickolay Polovinkin | 15.07.2022, 12:46
10 Unusual Things You Never Knew Exist

Do the crazy inventions we often see announced go on sale? What happens to successful crowdfunding projects? Imagine, on the virtual Amazon racks you can find a bunch of gadgets that evoke two thoughts: " Does that thing even exist?" and " To the cart!". On-the-fly purchases often fall into the category of cheap junk, but today we have a selection of much more serious devices. And you want to buy them immediately, despite the price.

Qwerkywriter: Retro Keyboard for iPad and Other Devices

With this thing you can feel like a legendary writer or journalist from the last century. Mechanical keys, lots of metal in the design, support for both Bluetooth and wired USB-C connectivity. And the unique detail that conveys the real charm of a typewriter - the carriage transfer lever (return bar). Of course, here it is programmable and can perform different functions depending on the settings. The keyboard can act as a stand for a tablet and can connect to three Bluetooth-devices at the same time.

Hatch Restore: a Sleep and Wake-up Gadget

Late nights are hard to sleep, early mornings are hard to wake up. Sometimes even late mornings are hard to wake up to. Especially to the nasty sounds of the alarm clock on your smartphone (you don't use your grandmother's old alarm clock, do you?). If the problem has gone too far, you can't get away with one alarm app. Plug in the science and specialized hardware. This gadget has adjustable backlighting, a speaker, and smart algorithms that are customized through a mobile app. Personally tailored to you. For example, to fall asleep to the sounds of nature, and wake up in the light that stimulates the production of the right hormones. And most importantly - at the optimal time and in the optimal mood. Hatch Restore is powered, equipped with a time indicator and buttons to adjust the volume and brightness.  

MEATER Plus: Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth

Everything gets better when you add bluetooth. And a mobile app, of course. You can even make a cool gadget out of a regular meat thermometer this way. This smart wireless thermometer is suitable for both home cooking and outdoor events, thanks to the signal strength of 50 meters (165 feet). The gadget has two temperature sensors on board: for measuring indoor and outdoor temperatures. Did I mention Bluetooth? It's here, but the developers didn't stop there. The thermometer supports Wi-Fi data transfer with the free MEATER Link service and even its own MEATER Cloud, through which you can integrate with Amazon Alexa and receive notifications even from there. That way you can monitor the cooking process and get alerts when the meat has reached a set temperature. Welcome to the geek kitchen!

Petit Qoobo: Fluffy Tailed Robot

This robot reeks of coziness, like a Miyazaki cartoon. It's round, fluffy, and moves its tail in response to sound or touch. If for some reason you can't get a cat, and the other robot pets aren't fluffy enough, then the perfect companion is in front of you. Weighs about 600 grams, doesn't ask for food, but likes to recharge every 8 hours. If you put your hand to this baby, you can feel a slight "heartbeat". How can you resist such cuteness?

GoCube: Smart Rubik's Cube

An amazing puzzle that everyone knows about, but few can put together. Even though the internet is full of instructions and instructional videos. I just don't have the time. That's if someone took and showed me personally how to assemble this cube! In general, here is a cube, which itself and will show you how to assemble themselves. With lights, a bluetooth module, and a mobile app. He will not just teach himself to assemble, but also keep statistics of the speed of assembly, so you can compete with your friends. The toy is suitable for both children and adults, so you can take several pieces at once.

Philips Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus

As you might guess from the name, this is an appliance for making pasta (as well as noodles and other noodles). Absolutely fascinating gadget. At first glance, it somewhat resembles a meat grinder and may not seem very technological. But if your kitchen already has a smart kettle and a full arsenal of culinary equipment, it is simply impossible to pass by such a device. It will help you "make" pasta from the most unexpected ingredients, and you have complete control over the process and you know exactly what is included. Conveniently, all the attachments for different shapes of pasta are stored inside the device itself. And the device itself is quite compact, but also has a smaller version.

Sangean U4: an Unbreakable Radio Full of Features

If something bad were to happen to our planet, at least mosquitoes and this radio would be left on it. At least it looks ready for earthquakes, floods, and a zombie invasion. But don't think this is an ancient military machine. Everything here is the most modern: bluetooth to broadcast sound from external sources (supports apt-X), NFC for quick connection, USB port for use as a power bank. And digital radio, of course. Which can turn on at a designated time instead of an alarm clock.

Ray Ban Stories: Glasses for Real Influencers

Everyone knows how to take pictures with their phone. To stay one step ahead of the gray mass of bloggers, you need special gear. Wearable, comfortable and stylish in appearance. The legendary Ray Ban brand offers just that: classic sunglasses with a built-in camera, speakers and microphones. It supports voice control, shooting photos up to 2592 x 1944 or video up to 1414 x 1414 at 30 frames per second. By the way, as glasses they are also good. In addition to the Wayfarer, there are three other frame options with quality polycarbonate lenses.

SmartBidet SB-2000: a Smart Toilet Bidet Cover

To put a bidet in, you have to make room and do an entire plumbing operation. But to enjoy all the features of this unit, it is enough to buy a special lid to the already installed toilet. Okay, well, not enough. It will need to be installed on the toilet bowl instead of the usual seat (this is easy) and connect the water with electricity (a little more complicated, but also realistic). The output is a device with the proud name of Smart Bidet. There is no smartphone app for it, but it has a heated seat, different washing and drying modes, and a built-in control panel.

Ninja NC301 CREAMi: Gelato Machine

No, it's not a smart blender. and it doesn't have any wireless interfaces. But it can make jellato, sorbet, and other types of desserts with a delicate texture. It's a whole new level of control for making unusual dishes. Where else will you find it so you don't have to think about it and use one of seven ready-made programs for different cooking scenarios? The programs contain pre-selected optimal ratios of speed, pressure and cooking time. The machine will easily digest all soft and hard foods, including nuts and ice. It can also make smoothies and milkshakes.