Diablo Immortal has been installed 20 million times

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 26.07.2022, 07:51
Diablo Immortal has been installed 20 million times

No matter how Diablo Immortal was scolded, the mobile action RPG was able to succeed. Otherwise, Blizzard wouldn't start boasting more than 20 million installs of the game!

It took Diablo Immortal a little less than two months to reach this milestone - the release took place on June 2. On this occasion, there are gifts for entering the game, including a legendary glyph and gold.

Where there is a larger audience, there is also a larger profit - in the first month alone, Diablo Immortal earned more than $49 million.

Diablo Immortal was supposed to be released in China yesterday, July 25th, where it was delayed at the last minute. According to the analyst Daniel Ahmad, Over 15 million people pre-registered for Celestial, helping the game to top the iOS downloads chart on its first day.

Of course, not all of the 20 million players remained in Diablo Immortal (especially against the background of abundant monetization). However, Blizzard is already preparing free story content - it can bring back some of the audience.