China tested the GJ-2 reconnaissance drone - it can fly for 20 hours at 370 km/h

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 25.09.2022, 00:17
China tested the GJ-2 reconnaissance drone - it can fly for 20 hours at 370 km/h

The People's Liberation Army of China tested and publicly demonstrated the GJ-2 unmanned aerial vehicle. The test took place in the northwest of the country. This is the first test of military drones, to which the People's Liberation Army of China allowed journalists (albeit state-owned).

Here's What We Know

GJ-2 is not the only name of the drone. It also appears under the designations Wing Loong II and Pterodactyl II. The drone can lift up to 480 km in the air and has a maximum takeoff weight of 4,200 km. The drone reaches a speed of 370 km/h. Flight time is 32 hours (20 hours at maximum speed).

China Central Television reports that the GJ-2 practiced strikes and reconnaissance operations as part of the test. The Chinese military primarily focuses on the long flight time without landing. They also note that the developers are constantly updating the software, which significantly increases the combat capabilities of the UAV. But it is not specified how exactly.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army is trying to improve the effectiveness of the GJ-2 by working with other drones, helicopters and aircraft. The UAV could probably be used for reconnaissance and as decoys. The Chinese military did not elaborate on this.

A Chinese expert told the Global Times on condition of anonymity that the PRC could use the GJ-2 in the north to patrol the border and fight terrorism. The use of UAVs is more economically advantageous than the use of fighter jets.

Source: Global Times