They trespassed on the sacred: AWP was fixed in CS:GO

By: Dmitro Koval | 19.11.2022, 15:21
They trespassed on the sacred: AWP was fixed in CS:GO

Just like the sun rises in the morning or the seasons change, AWP is always stable from version to version of CS:GO and remains an armor-piercing sniper that kills enemies in one shot. But nothing lasts forever, so AWP was fixed, but not critically.

Here's What We Know

In the description of the latest patch for CS:GO, Valve announced that the magazine size of the famous sniper rifle will be reduced to five bullets. The patch also reduces the effectiveness of the M4A1-S at a distance and removes Dust 2 from the current Active Duty map pool.

"The AWP magazine size has been reduced to five bullets (so make them count!)," the post reads.

The AWP in the right hands can completely change the course of a match, and most professional teams field one or more players dedicated to the AWP. It is not uncommon for an experienced AWP wielder to string together two, three or four kills in a row, win the round and use the same AWP in the next round to do it again. So changing the magazine capacity, while not critical, will still affect years of polished mechanics.

Source: PC Gamer