Chapter 4 has begun in Fortnite. New weapons, new map, new transport, new Battle Pass and more

By: Dmitro Koval | 04.12.2022, 17:39
Chapter 4 has begun in Fortnite. New weapons, new map, new transport, new Battle Pass and more

Today, on December 4, Fortnite launched the first season of the fourth chapter, where a huge pile of new content was added (the update on Xbox weighs as much as 10 GB!). So let's find out what's new in the most popular Battle Royale:

New Island.

In the new chapter, players are thrown to a new island with completely changed locations. Explore new locations including the Brutal Bastion, The Citadel, Shattered Slabs Mine, and many more.

New transport

Now players can ride a two-wheeled motorcycle. Trail Thrasher - will be a great travel companion due to its speed and maneuverability.

New stickers

Of course, there are also new stickers. You will be given a random selection of two stickers at different intervals during your match. The longer you survive in a match, the more stickers you will get.

There are a bunch of new weapons on the island, namely:

  • a purple shockwave hammer, which you can use to quickly break down buildings or throw enemies at a certain distance;
  • "Ex-Caliber" rifle, the main feature of which is that you shoot a sword, which later explodes, causing additional damage to the enemy;
  • new shotgun "Thunder Shotgun"
  • automatic rifle Maven;
  • Red-Eye and SMG Twin Mag assault rifles;

Capture of territory

Added a new mechanic in which you and your teammates need to capture a certain location by raising your flag. For completing this task you will receive valuable prizes.

Battle Pass

Not without a new battle pass. When you purchase the Battle Pass this season, you will immediately unlock the Selene outfit, and as you progress in the Battle Pass, you will be able to unlock outfits such as The Ageless and Doom Slayer in your nightmares. Later this season you will be able to unlock a hired monster hunter, Geralt of Rivia himself.

Epic Games also announces that the game has now moved to the new Unreal Engine 5, which will provide a new level of detail and clarity and image enhancements. You can currently try out all the features on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and powerful PCs.

Source: PlayStation Blog