OnePlus teases its first mechanical keyboard for PC

By: Elena Shcherban | 18.12.2022, 12:48
OnePlus teases its first mechanical keyboard for PC

During its 9th anniversary event, OnePlus announced a new line of Featuring X, which will include PC accessories, among others. This includes the brand's first computer keyboard.

Here's What We Know

OnePlus is already quietly telling details about the new product and has added a product page to its official website. It will be a mechanical keyboard with a dual pad design, which provides a special sound when the keys are pressed. That is, most likely, you will not hear the classic clicks.

The keyboard has a high-quality aluminum enclosure, MacBook-style layout and is compatible with Linux, Windows and macOS. But what kind of connection is used here - wired or wireless - OnePlus does not specify.

In addition, the device supports open-source firmware and hot-swappable switches.

The company plans to unveil the keyboard in February 2023 and begin mass production in March or April.

Source: OnePlus