Hacker steals data of 37,000,000 T-Mobile users

By: Myroslav Trinko | 20.01.2023, 11:04
Hacker steals data of 37,000,000 T-Mobile users

American operator T-Mobile suffered a hacker attack.

Here's What We Know

This was reported by the company's press service. A hacker attacked T-Mobile on January 5 and stole data from 37,000,000 users. According to the operator, there is no evidence that the company's security systems were compromised. That is, the hacker did not gain access to Social Security numbers, government identification numbers, passwords or payment card information. The leak touched user names, as well as their email and data plan. The company has already reached out to all those affected.

By the way, this is the second attack on the operator in 2 years. In August 2021, nearly 77,000,000 T-Mobile accounts were leaked. After the trial the company was ordered to pay $350,000,000 to settle customer claims and invest another $150,000,000 in cybersecurity.

Source: T-Mobile