Ukraine buys GROT assault rifles from Poland

By: Myroslav Trinko | 16.03.2023, 11:43
Ukraine buys GROT assault rifles from Poland

Ukraine continues to rearm behind NATO standards. This time the Ministry of Defence is buying new small arms.

Here's What We Know

Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Błaszczak has shared the information. According to him, Ukraine will buy GROT assault rifles from Poland. Unfortunately, it is not known how many of these rifles the Ukrainian Armed Forces will receive.

By the way, Poland has previously transferred such rifles to Ukraine, but as military aid. Presumably, the AFU now has 10,000 GROT in service.


GROT is an assault rifle produced by the Polish company Fabryka Broni "Łucznik". The rifle was developed in 2017. The weapon has a NATO standard 5.56×45 calibre, a modular design, and a folding telescopic buttstock with adjustable length.

Source: @MON_GOV_PL