Instagram began to block the Selfie with animals

From now on, in   Instagram prohibited photos, on   which depicts ill-treatment   animals

Instagram began to block the Selfie with animals

The popular social network Instagram joined   combating   inhumane treatment of   animals and   forbade the publication of photographs on   which depicts ill-treatment   our smaller brothers.

Users are encouraged to think before doing selfies with   animals. Even in   first look an innocent shot from   Zoo shows pets in   captivity and   at   unusual conditions for them. A striking example of this is   - circuses, where animals are beaten and   torment so that they become complaisant.

Also, any Instagram user can complain about   photo, if seen on   ill treatment   animals. The developers promise at once   to block such publications.

In addition, together with   The World Wildlife Fund has compiled a " black list " of tags that may be associated with   violence against fauna. For example, #tigerselfie or #coalaselfie, search results for   which will lead to   images from   rare animals. By running such a hashtag, you   You will see a notification: " In   Instagram prohibited the cruel attitude towards   animals and   sale of protected animal species or their   bodies. You   carried out a search for   hashtag which can be related to   publications in   which promotes malicious attitudes towards   animals or nature. " Of course, you can skip it, but   Still it is worth considering.


" I   I believe that now it is important for the society to become more aware. we   We try to contribute to educate people "   - summed up the representative of Instagram Emily Cain.

Source: Engadget

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