Instagram tests its own stand-alone messenger

Now Direct will become a separate application for correspondence and   photo sharing

Instagram tests its own stand-alone messenger

Facebook Company decided to create its own Messenger for Instagram photo service   - an offline Instagram application for personal correspondence.


How it works

For more than 4 years, Direct worked inside Instagram and   has experienced several redesigns, but   now they decided to make it a separate application. As soon as you   set it to   your gadget   - from   Instagram will automatically disappear the folder with   incoming messages. Now all correspondence will be displayed in   Direct.

Direct consists of   three sections. The first opens access to   camera, which allows you to take a picture, if necessary, process it and   send to friends. For fans of " tuning " there are four new filters that are not available in the   Instagram. The second section displays all correspondence, and   the third one allows you to customize your profile.


Of   Direct can directly switch to   the main Instagram application.

Who is available

FROM   residents of six countries will be able to test a new messenger: Chile, Israel, Italy, Turkey, Portugal and   Uruguay. The application is available for Android platforms and   iOS. When Direct works in   other countries   - It is not known.

Recall that in   2014, Facebook has already done this, creating a stand-alone application for messenger messengers. Direct, most likely, will meet more cordially, because the whole flurry of criticism was in time   its time to assemble the Messenger. Users complained about   need to install a separate application, but   with   time accustomed to: now   messenger 1.3   billion monthly users.

Source: The Verge