Sony Ericsson R300 and R306: GSM Receivers

By: technoslav | 28.01.2008, 00:48
Sony Ericsson R300 and R306: GSM Receivers

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Manufacturers of mobile phones are constantly in search of new market niches. Sony Ericsson decided that the number of people needing a radio receiver, sufficient for the release of a line of phones called Radio.

Both models - R300 candy bar and clamshell R306 - can play radio without connecting to them a wired headset, in which, as you know, the wire plays the role of an antenna, and equipped with speakers for playing music in a noisy company of friends. By the way, the world premiere of these models was held in India. Perhaps they are focused on the third world countries, who are not happy with listening to MP3 music (after all, MP3 needs a computer, and where to take it to a poor Indian pineapple and an ordinary elephant driver?)


Special keys allow you to simply switch between radio stations (not only FM, but also AM-band is available). Clamshell R306 looks even more beautiful thanks to a hidden OLED-display, which displays the name of the station or the name of the caller in standby mode. Insurance . In this case, unlike the R300, it boasts stereo speakers. It's funny, but both phones support Bluetooth and record short fragments right during the radio broadcast. However, with a memory capacity of 5 (for R300) and 8 (for R306), a megabyte is not particularly "amused", so that there is nowhere to overclock particularly. On the most interesting question - how many of these devices can work in the mode of radio playback - the manufacturer boldly claims that 27 hours. In this case, however, does not mention at what volume and in what mode - to the headphones or to the speakers.


In general, the devices leave an interesting sensation from a strange mixture of design that has been seriously worked on, not the latest technical solutions (we forgot to mention the V300 camera from the R300 and the 1.3 megapixel camera from the R306) and the obvious niche of this solution. We do not know about you, but we are extremely interested to see what Sony Ericsson will turn out of this entire venture. Our forecast is moderately pessimistic.

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